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Women’s Tactical Association’s ‘Lipstick Bullet’ tee all right with me

Sara Ahrens’ OffBeat: Where Sara tells us why the Women’s Tactical Association Lipstick Bullet tee is her fav

Of all the products I have reviewed, this one is my absolute favorite! Prior to going onto Top Shot, I was told that I could not pack any apparel that had company logos. Any apparel that did contain logos would be taped over in black tape. I didn’t realize until that experience how difficult a task finding clothes without logos was to accomplish.

Photo courtesy of History.com

As I prepared for my trip to Top Shot, the Women’s Tactical Association (of which I am a member) began selling an olive drab, lipstick bullet tee shirt. It immediately became my favorite shirt because of its style, fit and feel. The tee shirt is soft spun and similar to a burnout style (though it is not see-through) – just slightly distressed. The graphic design on the front is feminine, yet tough … kind of the way I like to think of myself.

When I got to California and Pilgrim Films asked to see the outfit I was planning on wearing for the promotional advertisements, I showed them my lipstick tee shirt. I have never been involved in television before, but it was obvious that they are very selective with every little detail. I am not sure anyone else from the cast got to wear all their own clothing, but I did.  The crew on the set instantly loved that shirt.  While the rest of the Season 3 competitors had to wear grey, black and white, I got to wear my favorite color (OD green) because they loved the graphic on shirt so much they ignored the fact that it was green.

It wasn’t just the crew that loved that shirt. Almost every competitor on the show told me my shirt was bad a#$, even Jake!  Every time I wear that shirt, someone positively comments on it and asks where they can get one.

As I mentioned before, I bought the shirt from the Women’s Tactical Association. I met the president of WTA, Karen Bartuch, who she saw me wearing her shirt on television. The shirts haven’t been for sale since I bought mine last year, but you will all be happy to know that Karen is again accepting orders until Feb. 1, 2012.  Women —  I suggest you order one for yourself, and men should consider ordering one for their women, perhaps for Valentine’s Day? They run true to size and cost only $25 total, which includes shipping.

Jessica Highland, Sara Ahrens and Karen Bartuch at SHOT Show. Photo courtesy of Barbara Baird

The Women’s Tactical Association is a non-profit organization. Karen Bartuch and her staff provide a lot of quality training geared for women in law enforcement.  Karen Bartuch is the Barbara Baird of Law Enforcement, always promoting women where they are under-represented.  Please help support Women’s Tactical Association and the great things they do by purchasing your shirt before it’s too late!

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Editor’s note: Aw, thanks, Sara. Your bonus will arrive with your next check. ~Barbara Baird

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