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Lunkerhunt awarded “Best of Show” for “Best Soft Lure” at ICAST 2012

July 20, 2012- Lunkerhunt recently announced winning “Best of Show” award for “Best Soft Lure” at the ICAST 2012 fishing convention in Orlando, Florida, for Bento BaitsTM.  Lunkerhunt Bento BaitsTM are a minnow styled soft lure with a split tail design and solid body construction.  What sets these baits apart is their anatomical realism combined with a soft yet durable body that comes to life with the slightest twitch of the rod tip.  Bentos feature a holographic fabric core that fuses into its plastic like rebar in concrete.  The multi-layer construction that encases the eyes and other features within layers of protective coating is truly unique.  Bento Baits are available in both 3” and 4.5” size with a range of realistic patterns that generate both feeding as well as reaction strikes. Lunkerhunt Bentos produce great results in both fresh and saltwater environments due to their resemblance to natural forage such as gizzard shad and glass minnows.

“The team at Lunkerhunt is thrilled to have won the Best of Show award at the American Sportfishing Industry Association ICAST 2012 Fishing Convention. It is the highest award that can be won in the fishing industry.  We are honored to have Lunkerhunt’s Bento Baits win this category” explains Jesse Bleeman, Executive Director at Lunkerhunt.

Lunkerhunt is a leader in the fishing industry for providing premium quality fishing products. Whether you are an entry level angler, intermediate, or pro in a freshwater market, saltwater market, warm water market or cold water market, Lunkerhunt has a product that will help you catch fish. Lunkerhunt offers an elite line of products from the Educational Fishing Kits (EDU-KITSTM) geared to intermediate anglers, Magic BeanTM, Direct ContactTM, Swim N JerkTM, Spicy BaitsTM, Bento BaitsTM and much, much, more.
“Our dedication to fishing and creating high quality products that engage anglers and consistently catch fish has enabled Lunkerhunt to become a leader in the fishing industry. We are elated with this award and vow to continue to make exceptional fishing lures” said Jonathan Goldfarb, President of Lunkerhunt.
Lunkerhunt is a company that is dedicated to providing innovative, high quality, fishing products for anglers of all skill levels. Significant research and development goes into every Lunkerhunt product to ensure strict quality and performance standards are met. All products run through a stringent process of laboratory and field tests before they make their way into consumer’s hands.
Lunkerhunt products are available at K-Mart, Amazon.com, Scheels Sports, Sportsman Warehouse, Canadian Tire, Home Hardware, WalMart Canada as well as through fine independent tackle stores throughout North America.  To learn more about Lunkerhunt please visit www.lunkerhunt.com.
For more information on Lunkerhunt and its products please contact Michelle Thompson at 1-508-643-8000 orMichelle@cwrpartners.com.

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  • Chris Bower says: July 23, 2012 at 4:06 pm

    These Bentos are great on a drop shot rig for smallmouth bass. They can’t resist them. The holographic core looks amazing (pics dont do it justice). These Lunkerhunt Bentos will take soft plastics to a whole new level.