Olympic Tweets: Follow the action of the US Shooting Team on Twitter

It’s exciting to think of our Olympians in London, showing the world why they are on the American team in the first place. For those of us who shoot, we’re really proud of the women on the team, including Kim Rhode, who will be “shooting” for her fifth medal in five years in trap and/or skeet. Word on the street is that she may just get #5 and #6, and we are pulling for her! Pun intended.

We’re sure you know that shooting isn’t always the first sport covered on the major networks. Here’s a way you can stay connected and in the loop about the female athletes, what they’re doing, what they’re thinking and where they’re going.

If you tweet, (And if you don’t, why don’t you?), you should follow these female athletes. Just last weekend, we learned that Kim Rhode’s husband lost his passport, that her flight was cancelled and rescheduled and that she moved three pianos before heading off ot London!

Not all of the female team members have Twitter accounts, but four out of the six do.

Tweets to follow:

First of all, you’ll want to follow USA Shooting, where you will get the latest news and can sign up for Twitter updates, follow the team on Facebook or subscribe to email updates.


Jamie Gray. Photo courtesy of USA Shooting

 Jamie Gray – 10 m Air Rifle, 50 m Rifle 3P


Kim Rhode. Photo courtesy of USA Shooting

 Kim Rhode – Skeet/trap


Corey Cogdell. Photo courtesy of USA Shooting

 Corey Cogdell – Trap


Amanda Furrer. Photo courtesy of USA Shooting

 Amanda Furrer – 50 m Rifle, 3 P

https://twitter.com/search/amanda furrer

Here’s an example of the type of interesting material you’ll see if you visit the USA Shooting Team’s homepage. We think it’s cute! Courtesy of USA Shooting

Another great way to follow our Olympics shooting team is to check out USA Shooting’s website.

Discover other ways to follow the team in London here.



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