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Keep hands warm and ready for action with the new-for-2013 Próis Glommit

Whether you’re sitting in a treestand or you’re hunting in the backcountry, waiting out your quarry in sub-zero temperatures can quickly put a damper on your focus.  Próis® Hunting & Field Apparel wants to make sure you’re outfitted with the most functional gear from head to toe – and that includes keeping your most important asset, your trigger finger, warm and ready for action.  Enter the new-for-2013 Próis Glommit, the sure-fire way to guard hands against the freezing elements, providing warmth and function that keeps female hunters going strong in their pursuits.

Say goodbye to chapped, frozen fingers with the new lightweight Próis Glommit, which employs the warmest and highly functional features perfect for a cold day in the field.  For starters, the Próis Glommit incorporates a pop-top mitten for additional warmth and protection from ever-changing elements, perfect for when your hand is waiting on deck for its call of duty. And because silence is crucial when in you’re in pursuit, its convenient pop-top securely connects on and off via a magnetic closure.

The new Próis Glommit is crafted using the most technologically advanced materials that provide comfort, durability and function.  ThinsulateTM insulation guarantees extreme warmth while its laminated brush tricot lining provides waterproof and windproof protection against rain, ice, snow and sleet – essentially keeping winter out, and your hands ready for a full day in the field.  A high performance fleece palm ensures hands stays warm even with the pop-top down, while its integrated palm patch and Próis’ signature ‘P’ silicon printed finger grips
maximize dexterity.

Of course, like all Próis high performance gear, the new Próis Glommit is specifically designed to fit the female hand ‘like a glove’ with its incorporated high-performance fleece fabric, elasticized wrist cuffs and female-tailored cut.

The new Próis Glommit is available in both Realtree AP HD® and Advantage Max-1 HD.®

Próis was created for women, by women who refuse to settle for downsized men’s gear or upsized children’s gear.  Each garment is created with the most technologically advanced fabrics available and a host of advanced features to provide comfort, silence and durability.  The company’s out-of-the-box thinking has resulted in amazing designs for serious hunters that have taken the industry by storm and raised the bar for women’s outdoor apparel.

For more information about the new Próis Glommit or to learn more about Próis’ innovative line of serious, high-performance huntwear for real women, contact: Próis Hunting and Field Apparel, 28001-B US Highway 50, Gunnison, CO 81230, (970) 641-3355, Or visit:www.proishunting.com.

To check out the latest updates on Próis field and pro staff and company news, visit the Próis blog at http://www.proishunting.com/community/index.php.

Follow Próis on Twitter:  http://www.twitter.com/Próishunting.

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  • Ellen says: November 15, 2012 at 2:40 pm

    Definately going on my Christmas list!!! Looks like a
    Great glove and fit is important to me. I may not be able to wait ’till Christmas !