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Muck Fieldblazer boot review means no more ‘Frankenstein feet!’

To say I was thrilled when offered the opportunity to review the THE ORIGINAL MUCK BOOT COMPANY’s new  Fieldblazer™ boot  in a great Mossy Oak camouflage pattern is an understatement. I have always been a fan of Muck boots and own several other styles of Muck footwear.

The Original Muck Boot Company uses  this tag line: “Life isn’t always comfortable, your boots should be.” I whole heartedly agree. Let’s face it; if our feet aren’t happy afield, we aren’t happy afield.

Because so much of my time afield as a known river rat is spent in muddy, sloppy, sloggy, decidedly mucky conditions, the Fieldblazer was certainly a welcome addition to my boot closet.


Gretchen with her dog, Willy. Photo courtesy of Judi McCann

The Fieldblazer, like all Muck boots, is instantly wearable, right out of the box. Zero break in is required. Upon first slipping on a Muck boot, one is instantly transported to a house slipper type of comfort. Don’t be fooled by the comfort level – the Fieldblazer is plenty tough and durable for any outdoor activity. I’ve worn nothing afield but the Fieldblazer since its arrival.  Yes, I truly do like them THAT much.

The structured air mesh lining in the Fieldblazer offers the same level of comfort and moisture wicking normally reserved for high-end running shoes. Thanks to this structured air mesh, I found this boot to be plenty warm in freezing temperatures, yet comfortable and without that awful heat and sweat build up usually found a waterproof  TPR or PVC molded boot.  When the days heated up into temps above 80 degrees, my feet remained dry and cool.  No need to cart cold weather and warm weather boots both when heading afield in swinging temperature conditions.

Muck is certainly on track making its claims about comfort when it comes to the weight of the boot. So often I have quickly discarded cold weather waterproof boots due to what I call the Frankenstein Foot Syndrome.  Frankenstein Foot Syndrome means my feet look like Frankenstein’s due to the size of the boot and feel like Frankenstein feet because the darn boots are so heavy and large. None of that Frankenstein Foot foolishness with the Fieldblazer. Even though it kept my feet warm and dry in cold water and mud, the boots felt light, easy to wear, and I had no additional leg fatigue from slogging around a heavy waterproof boot.

This same light feeling made trudging through thick mud and muck much easier. No tripping, falling, or feeling as if I’d never get my foot hauled of blue river mud.

muck boot with snake

Gretchen Steele is an outdoor photographer who loves snakes. Obviously. Photo courtesy of Gretchen Steele

The flexibility, of the Fieldblazer combined with an additional Achilles overlay for added protection, a reinforced shank for added support, along with added toe protection and a wrap-up toe bumper, made these equally at home on land and I was able to negotiate brushy areas, rolling hills filled with fescue clumps, steep rocky bluffs, and briar patches with ease and no trips, slips, or falls due to a heavy, stiff, unforgiving boot.

The self-cleaning outsole is wonderful for keeping these boots in look new condition as well as aiding in keeping one’s feet from becoming giant mud balls.  Anywhere there’s water available, the mud and muck easily can be rinsed off, leaving the boots clean and making it possible to hop in a vehicle without adding a few pounds of mud to the floorboard, or risk getting kicked out of the lodge for leaving a trail of mud  across the floor.

I was initially a little skeptical about how tight the top opening of the boot would be, and if it would indeed offer enough stretch to tuck in pant legs. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that there was plenty of stretch to accommodate not only my pant leg, but also to fit over my leg brace. The tops remained secure and snug, and offer the added bonus of keeping all those biting bugs out. No more unsightly duct taping of boot tops to pants to keep the ticks, mites and chiggers out.

Gretchen Steele Willy labrador

Aw, good boy, Willy! Gretchen and Willy love that Gretchen does not have Frankenstein Feet when she wears her Fieldblazers! Photo courtesy of Judi McCann

I give the Original Muck Boot Company Fieldblazer boot a full five stars; heck, I would give it 10! A superbly versatile, comfortable, and durable boot for any type of outdoor activity, especially those that are wet and mucky. The Muck Fieldblazer covers it all!

If you spend your day wading, climbing, balancing, slogging, or lugging in hard conditions, this is the boot you want!

Learn more about the Muck Fieldblazer, in women’s sizes 6-13. MSRP: $129.95

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