Filson highlights outdoor women ‘in the field’

We all know that Filson products speak and move quality — high quality. When you purchase something from Filson, it’s a lifestyle statement of “Yeah, I’m worth it,” coupled with “I trust that this [insert item name here] will benefit me in whatever outdoor activity I do.” Not only does Filson run a beautiful website with photos of real people wearing their line of sporting apparel, it also highlights those real people in its “In the Field” section.

We found Judith O’Keefe’s story here. She’s an outdoor photographer, fly fisher, gardener in the Slow Food Movement — an interesting international organization promoting clean, fair and healthy food. The photos of Judith — fishing, in her truck, with a goat — are all quite “Bridges of Madison County” looking, and we like that.

Perhaps you are a Filson “In the Field” female? Check it out.

Filson women

Photo courtesy of Filson


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