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Hunting’s own ‘Deer’ Abby joins The WON in ‘Ask Writing Huntress’ column

Since 1956, “Dear Abby” has been a staple of the American female advice diet. Dispensing ways to deal with a difficult husband, how to bag the perfect boyfriend and when to clean the oven have been Abby’s bread and butter, even after her death. The column originally, and continually, described as “uncommon common sense and youthful perspective,” spans generations — defying death, age and the ever-changing passage of time. However, Dear Abby doesn’t tackle guns, country living, or issues facing huntresses in the wide world of hunting. Fortunately, that’s where we come in.


Women’s Outdoor News (The WON) is excited to announce that The Writing Huntress (WH), author of the blog, “Hunt Like You’re Hungry”;Deer and Deer Hunting’s blog, “The Deer Huntress” and member of Huntography’s 2011 #DeerTour, has joined the team as our resident advice huntress.

As many a huntress can attest, starting the journey to become a huntress, dealing with the stresses of living as a proud outdoors-woman and trying to be accepted in the hunting society isn’t always easy, especially if your network of fellow female outdoor adventure seekers is few and far between.


WH began her journey as The Writing Huntress years ago when she realized she needed to expand her network of female hunters. So, she decided to write down her experiences with the hope that other females could relate. After some success, she turned to social media and was thrilled to find that thousands of huntresses from every corner of the country were dealing with the same problem.

“When I joined Twitter, I was shocked to see the beginnings of a hunting community forming. I sought out anyone who had a bow in his or her avatar and followed them. After a month or so, I began friendships with women who lived hundreds of miles away, all of whom I’ve never actually met in person, yet women who became my best hunting friends – a clan of huntresses just a message away.”

Since then, The Writing Huntress has lived, learned and shared her follies, triumphs and experiences along the way. According to her, having to do the work herself, from scouting to finding land to hunt, to mastering the perfect venison taco makes her the huntress we’re proud to call family.


“I’ve been through a lot since I began hunting, a journey that I’ve had to push myself through continually. I’ve had seasons where I didn’t kill a single filet of meat for the freezer and seasons where I’ve killed enough to be as crafty as possible with wild game. I’ve had hunter and non-hunter relationships, married a hunter and have dealt with the problems and joys that go hand-in-hand with the added outdoor dynamic. I’ve dealt with more than a few issues obtaining gear for various hunting seasons. I’ve had to be strong in the field to gain the respect of the hunters around me. I don’t have all the answers, but I’ve lived through a lot and I relish the opportunity to share my experiences.”

Her column, Ask Writing Huntress, beginning the week of May 5, 2013, will answer quandaries or just everyday questions from huntresses (and hunters!) from all walks of life.

Questions for the Writing Huntress can be submitted via e-mail to askwritinghuntress@gmail.com, or on our respective social media outlets, listed below.

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