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Most hunters tend to be athletic. Not all of them are … However, I have found that most hunters are not only outdoors during their favorite hunting seasons, but also year-round. Hiking, fishing, checking trail-cams, creating food plots, scouting … and all of these things require at least some level of athletic ability.


As the weather starts warming up and we’re outside more and more, fitness comes to the forefront of our lives – or at least my life. Following are some of my favorite fitness related things right now:

#1 – Water
Get rid of all those special energy and exercise drinks and Gatorade wanna-be’s. All your body really wants and needs is plain, ol’ water. The only thing that your body needs more is oxygen. As temperatures start to rise and you’re outside more, water can help prevent dehydration and exhaustion. It’s also known to help rev up the metabolism, keep you feeling full longer, and can prevent muscle cramping. It also helps to give you amazing skin!!
Tip: If you’re going on long hikes, scouts or planning to spend an extended period of time outdoors, freeze bottles of water. They’ll steadily melt and you’ll have cool water throughout the day. (I HATE warm water.)
#2 – Good Shoes
Good shoes can make or break your time outdoors. For any long excursions make sure you wear shoes that are well broken in. The general rule-of-thumb is to replace shoes every 300-500 miles, or every 3 months. For people that don’t run often, shoes will last longer but as soon as you notice that the soles are breaking down or the tread looks smooth, invest in a new pair. Also, more than anything, listen to your body. If you start feeling aches and pains in your feet, knees, or back, it’s time to begin searching for new shoes.
Right now my favorite shoes are the FTHR Shield Running Shoe from Under Armour and the Saucony Triumph. Why two pairs? I tend to under-pronate (roll my feet outward) when I walk and run. So, I wear the UA shoes for non-distance activities and the Saucony shoes for any long-distance activity, as they’re specifically built for people who under-pronate.
The Saucony Triumph the FTHR Shield Running Shoe from Under Armour.

The Saucony Triumph the FTHR Shield Running Shoe from Under Armour.

#3 – Cell Phone
This is a pretty basic one for most people. Just for safety reasons, it never hurts to carry a phone. Most people also live and die by the music in their iTunes account, especially when working out.
I also have several apps that I use to help keep track of my blood sugars, food & calories, and exercise. My favorite right now is My Fitness Pal. It probably has the most complete database of food and calories ever! Even for those restaurants that don’t offer nutrition facts for their meals – this website has them.

These are the BEST HAIR TIES EVER. I’ve had waist-length hair most of my life, so trust me when I tell you that I have tried every single hair tie or hair product imaginable. These are absolutely amazing!!! Most women know how frustrating it is when you can wind a hair tie only twice around your ponytail, but it’s still too loose and falls out with any vigorous exercise. These hair ties will stay without pulling your hair or without it being too tight. My 3 year old even prefers them.


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[Editor’s note: Check out #6, I’m a fan now that DP told me about it!]

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  • April says: June 1, 2013 at 1:58 pm

    Some good advice. I didn’t think about taking extra vitamin B. I always stay hydrated even in the cold months.