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What do women want in their hunting guides?

When you spend a fortune, give up a week of vakay and endure travel time for a hunt, the last thing you want to find at your destination is a guide with an attitude. You know, the type who thinks women belong in the kitchen, whipping up a pot of beans with a side of venison for the troops when they come in for lunch? The NRA Woman’s Outlook online publication just published an article written by our own Barbara Baird, where she talked to several women in the industry about this topic. Some of them are truly icons, and the others? Let’s just say, they’ve been there. Got the tee shirt. Read about Tiffany Lakosky, Brenda Valentine, Melissa Bachman, Karen Lee, Stephanie Mallory and Kirstie Pike and their adventures.


Red Creek Outfitters guides with Tiffany Lakosky on her Utah mulie hunt. Photo courtesy of Tiffany Lakosky

From bloody meat in coolers to spankings to being forgotten in a blind for an entire day in freezing weather … it’s all in there. Read more about what women want in their hunting guides.

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