Woman compiles 60 years of fishing stories in her book, ‘A Local Pacific Piscatologist’

NEWPORT BEACH, California – Avid fisherman Vernona Kay Fath shares her extensive background in the sport, including her experiences fishing and learning about the ocean for more than 60 years, in her new book, A Local Pacific Piscatologist.

Set in Newport Beach, the book discusses how Fath’s mother inspired her to get interested in fishing at a young age, the perspectives of the pier fishermen and tourists, and a special peek into the characters Fath has encountered throughout her career.


Not only does the book offer a personal perspective on Fath’s fishing experiences, but it also provides valuable information about the fishing community as a whole. She uses her extensive background to discuss how the fishing etiquette has changed over the decades, special catches or odd things that occurred during her time on both the Newport Pier and the Balboa Pier, and her knowledge on various oceanic elements and creatures.

In addition to the look at the fishing world, A Local Pacific Piscatologist also contains a commentary on the importance of being involved in your interests, regardless of gender. Although the sport of fishing seems to be a male dominated world, Fath’s background and knowledge show her skill and dedication to fishing.

“I started keeping a journal of my fishing adventures back in 1952,” said Fath. “I wanted to record the unique catches and people I encountered, and now I can provide interesting information and a new perspective on the field of fishing through this book.”

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A Local Pacific Piscatologist

By: Vernona Kay Fath

Hardcover: $23.99

Paperback: $14.95

ISBN: 9781481723626

Available at bookstore.authorhouse.comamazon.com and barnesandnoble.com.

About the author

Vernona Kay Fath, known by her friends and family as Snookie, is a California native. She grew up near, and currently lives, in Newport Beach. Fath’s fascination with fishing started in the early 1940s, and she has remained an interested and passionate fishermen since then. Much like her mother inspired Fath to fish, Fath has shared her love for the sport with her two daughters.

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