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Six ways to get started hunting

Mia Anstine, at her blog hosted by Beretta, gives 6 ways to get started hunting. 


A new shooter can often wonder where to begin in hunting. First off they need to attend a hunter education course to learn safety, responsibility and ethics. After completing a certification course, they are free to hunt, but where do they start?

Over the years, new hunters have gotten a start in hunting through a variety of means. I learned hunting practices from my father and his friends. Many of us get our start with the help of our family. It is great to have a family that hunts and passes its tradition down to children.


Photo courtesy of Mia Anstine

Photo courtesy of Mia Anstine


Last winter I was at a convention where I spoke in a hunting forum. While I was there I met an inspiring young lady whose father had passed away. No one else in her family hunted so she took it upon herself to take hunters education. She wanted to be a part of another family; the family of hunters. I offered my help.

  • Other hunters – There is a vast family of hunters in our nation. Many of them have topped the “five stages of hunting” and moved on to what my husband calls the “sixth stage of hunting.”  It is the mentor stage and comes when you have exceeded the five stages of hunter development. Hunters who reach this stage have accepted hunting for all it is worth and want to share the passion with others. A new hunter can look to another accomplished hunter as a mentor and ask for guidance.
  • Neighbors – There may be people in your area who are willing to help you learn to hunt. The young lady I mentioned meeting at the convention did not know many people in the area where she lived. In her hunter education course, she learned to ask landowners for permission to hunt. She passed a property on her way to work each day and saw a pond where she wanted to duck hunt. She asked the land owner for permission to hunt his property and was granted permission. She received advice and instruction from the land owner and was able to shoot her very first duck.
  • Hunting clubs – Hunting clubs are a safe way to get a start with hunting. They typically promote responsible hunting and have a focus on safety. A hunt club may offer a variety of scheduled hunts for various species. They are capable of offering solo or group hunts. You may be teamed up with other hunters which gives you the chance to network and make new friends. For a free listing service of private and commercial hunting clubs across the United States visit http://www.huntclublisting.com/.

Visit the Beretta blog to read more.

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The Conversation

  • Nicole James says: April 8, 2014 at 1:21 pm

    Dr. Latebloomer I totally agree with you. I am wanting to hunt but did not grow up with it and am finding it hard to know where to turn.

  • Dr. Latebloomer says: December 16, 2013 at 2:49 pm

    I wish there were a “list” of mentors available somehow. There are hunting mentorship programs for kids, so why not for late-blooming adults like me?

    I made a blog post to just that effect last week.