Mia & the Little Gal: 5 things the Little Gal will love from the SHOT Show

Each year I head out to an industry event that has age restrictions, so it is a time I have to leave my Little Gal (aka, LG) behind. The annual SHOT Show, presented by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, is the largest industry trade show of its type. Attendees must be at least 16 years of age. LG squawks and complains saying she should get to go because she is certain she would like many of the products on display. We all know LG loves shooting, hunting and the outdoors, so it has to be right up her alley.

This year I looked for things LG would love at SHOT Show.

I found 5 things my LG, and other teenage girls, would love at SHOT Show:


Photo by Hank Anstine

  1. LG just finished up a December elk hunt, so you know it was chilly. Check out this trendy model new Archtach down jacket offered by Próis Hunting and Field Apparel for Women. This jacket has smaller pocketing so it can actually be machine washed without bunching. It will be available later this year in Mountain Mimicry, Realtree Max1 and Realtree AP patterns. With the variety of patterns and sizes from XS to SL, this jacket is sure to suit young ladies of all sizes. When I sent a photo and asked LG, she said, “It looks warm and comfy.” MSRP: $399.99


    Photo by Hank Anstine

  2. LG likes to hunt in her tennis shoes because they are so light. I was delighted when I found these waterproof hikers from Irish Setter. The Vapor Trek boots are available in 400-gram insulated (turquoise trimmed) and non-insulated (pink trimmed). The non-insulated boots weigh a mere 2 pounds and insulated weigh 2 pounds, 4 ounces. These hikers have excellent traction and are said to be 40-percent lighter than traditional big game hiking boots. These boots will be available mid-July 2014.Vapor Trek, 400 gram insulated, waterproof (turquoise trim) MSRP: $159
    Vapor Trek waterproof (pink trim) MSRP: $149


    Photo by Hank Anstine

  3. We love to turkey hunt, and the season is just around the corner, so you may have guessed that a turkey-hunting vest would make the list. Tenzing TP14 makes the list, unopposed because it adjusts to fit the small frame of a young lady. The bonus is that this vest was designed with true turkey hunters in mind. Silent, magnetic pocket closures and seat hold captured my attention. Then there are large front pockets which are not only adjustable, but also, removable. The seat cushion was plush, yet sturdy, and this vest has kick-out legs for a hunter to kick-back on while she waits for a huge tom. The Tenzing pack will be available mid-March 2014. MSRP: $299


    Photo by Hank Anstine

4. Decoys go right along with turkey hunting, but our LG likes to manage the predator population and keep the turkeys coming. The Lone Howler coyote decoy by Flambeau Outdoors is a diverse decoy that can be placed in a standing, sitting or more submissive lying position. This decoy has a realistic look and is available immediately. MSRP: $120


Photo by Hank Anstine

5. Any youth shooter or hunter needs to protect her eyes and ears. I found a couple fun-patterned shooting glasses at Avion. They have come out with their Chica design. It is currently available in a leopard print pattern and will soon be available in other fashion styles. Lenses available are clear, amber, brown and indoor/outdoor. These shooting glasses are also available in slim-fit and standard frames. MSRP: $12

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