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Women of Beretta: Jacque Snellenberger

She’s not afraid to admit she’s been shooting for 39 years, ever since she turned 15. You do the math.

That adds up to a lot of clays getting busted in the sky for this Michigan-based, Beretta-sponsored competition shooter.

We caught up with her between grading papers and shooting competitions.


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Photo courtesy of Jacque Snellenberger


The WON: How long have you been shooting and what do you shoot competitively?

Jacque: I shoot trap. I got started when I was 15. My parents wouldn’t let me start any sooner with a shotgun. They were both well-known shooters and didn’t want any pressure to be placed on me, and thought that at 15 I could handle it. I had to break 4 scores of 20 in a row before I could register them. It took me 1 year and I started shooting at age 16. I’ve been shooting for 39 years.


The WON: What Beretta gun do you shoot?

Jacque: I used to shoot their DT10, but just recently switched to a DT11.


The WON: How long have you been shooting for Beretta?

Jacque: 14 years



Photo courtesy of Jacque Snellenberger


The WON: What do you tell women when they ask you why you shoot competitively?

Jacque: I love the feeling of trying to compete against the “Big Dogs” of the sport! It’s all on me, no one else pulls the trigger and any mistakes made are mine. At the same time, when I shoot well it’s the best feeling in the world, because I know I pulled it off.


The WON: What’s the best way for a woman to get into the shooting sports?

Jacque: Just find your local club and ask questions. There are usually plenty of guys who are more than willing to help anyone who is interested.


The WON: Why do you like your Beretta?

Jacque: Beretta has a great team of people willing to support me at any time. They produce a fantastic gun. They are always trying to improve on their products, which I feel gives me an edge.


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Photo courtesy of Jacque Snellenberger


The WON: What do you like to do when you’re not shooting?

Jacque: Ballroom dancing, reading and playing volleyball.


The WON: Where will you be competing this summer/fall?

Jacque: I’ll be trapshooting in Texas, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin.


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