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Guest post by LG: 7 questions with Youth Hunter Education Challenge competitor Teigan Delk

The WON welcomes LG, star of Mia & the Little Gal column.


Recently, I was at the Whittington Center in Raton, New Mexico, for the State Youth Hunter Education Challenge (YHEC) competition. When I first spotted Teigan, I was amazed. He has 1 arm, so I thought there was no way he could compete in all the event – I was wrong.

Teigan really inspires me. If he can accomplish so much, why should I be complaining or feeling sorry when I don’t shoot my best? It’s awesome he has done so well in YHEC, and how he’s involved, not just in shooting but also in other sports. I wanted to get to know Teigan better, and share his story with you, so I sat down to ask him some questions.


Teigan_1 Youth Hunter Education Challenge

(Neal Delk photo)


LG: How old are you, and how old were you when you started shooting? 

Teigan: I am 13-years old, and I was 7 when I got my first Cricket .22 and started shooting with my dad. I started YHEC 3 years ago, and I love it. I did all events except one. I wasn’t able to shoot bow the first year, but I really wanted to. So, my dad and I started thinking, got creative and came up with the first harness I used for shooting my bow. My grandma sewed it together, and it worked for a little while, then we had a saddle maker make the harness I use now. With this harness, I can pull back 62 pounds. That’s more than my dad!


LG: Which shooting method (archery, .22, shotgun or muzzleload) did you take up first?

Teigan: I started shooting my .22 first, but I won the muzzleloader in my age division my first year at YHEC (as a sub junior) and I was hooked.


LG: What made you decide to join YHEC, and was this your first state competition?

Teigan: I started competing at YHEC after my cousin, Justly, told me about it. So, I told my dad, and we started working on finding out more about it. This was my 3rd year to compete.



(Neal Delk photo)


LG: What is your favorite event in YHEC? 

Teigan: My favorite YHEC event is bow, but they’re all really fun, and it’s hard to pick a favorite.



LG: Who is your mentor, or who has encouraged/inspired you the most in shooting sports?

Teigan: John Wayne … Just kidding.  My dad, because he is the one who has always worked with me and said, “Let’s go shoot,” even if my brother, Tyce, and I were tired and didn’t want to. The biggest thing that my dad wanted me to practice was bow, he wanted us to shoot 15 arrows a day, and with my new harness I can shoot them myself.


LG: What other sports do you like besides hunting or shooting?

Teigan: I like playing basketball, running track, participating in FFA and showing lambs. I’ve been playing basketball since the 1st grade, and will play in high school. I like to be creative and go in my dad’s barn and just build stuff. I also like to ride 4-wheelers with my brother. We will take off in the pasture and be gone all day.



(Neal Delk photo)


LG: Do you have anything to say to other kids who want to try shooting sports?

Teigan: All you have to do is try. You might have to do it a different way, but you can still do it. Just keep on trying — don’t give up, and you’ll do whatever you want to do. I would tell them to remember that God made them that way for a reason


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  • Tandee says: February 23, 2015 at 7:48 pm

    Thank you for highlighting Teigan and all his hard work. The article is great!

    (Teigan’s mom)

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