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Women of Beretta: Eva Hudgins

She calls her shotgun Rosebud. Eva Hudgins named her Beretta Urkika 2. “I have a weird thing about naming my favorite possessions. Plus, all of the guns I have ever competed with have a rose somewhere on them. I guess you could say it’s a bit of a good luck charm,” said Hudgins.



(Eva Hudgins photo)


Hudgins has been shooting competitively for about 13 years in Sporting Clays and Fédération Internationale de Tir aux Armes Sportives de Chasse. She has been shooting for Beretta for 2 years. “I love my Beretta because I can shoot it all day, and the recoil doesn’t affect me. It’s the best gun in my opinion for women and children just because it fits so well, diminishes the recoil, and it’s light to carry,” said Hudgins.

When asked why she recommends competition shooting, especially to women, she said, “I ask them, ‘Why not?’ The great thing about shooting competitively is it’s just you against the course, you can shoot against men that are stronger/faster than you and you can win.”

She also likes the supportive component that can be found in the competition-shooting world. “Even though you may be competing, everyone seems to want a competitor to perform well. Everyone is wishing each other luck, and everyone congratulates the winners. It’s a great community to be a part of,” said Hudgins. 


How to get started shooting competitively

She recommends either finding a friend to take you shooting, or finding someone who is involved in the sport and asking that person to introduce you to it. If that doesn’t work, check the website for the National Shooting Clays Association, where you can find a listing of the different clubs in your area. “Many clubs have staff/shooting coaches who are more than happy to assist you with gun rental, ammo purchase and helping you around the course. It would be a great family day outing, or a unique ladies day/night out,” added Hudgins.


EvaHudgins and bike

Eva and her bike. (Eva Hudgins photo)


When not shooting, you might find Hudgins on a country road, riding her beloved Yamaha R6. “I love riding my motorcycle, it’s extremely freeing, and I forget all my problems while I am out. My husband and I have many friends that ride, so we love getting everyone together and riding 200-or-so miles on a Sunday. My dad, David Hudgins, also rides a motorcycle.”



Eva Hudgins and her dad. (Eva Hudgins photo)


Hudgins’ day job is at a medical college in Columbus, Ohio, as its registrar. She keeps students scheduled correctly or classes and on track for graduation. “It keeps me plenty busy, which keeps me out of trouble,” said Hudgins.


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