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How Important is Stun Gun Voltage, Anyway?

The current marketing strategy of stun gun manufacturers is to label them with ever increasing voltages. A new cell phone commercial sums up what consumers want to hear, “More is better.” But just how important is the voltage amount in stun guns?

To answer that question it is important to understand what voltage is and does in a human body. Most people think that a very high voltage can kill a person. The truth is that voltage does nothing to a body but carry the amperage.

Here’s Wendy, explaining the points in this particular line of stun guns, offered at Best Line Defense.

The most important factor to consider in a stun device is not the voltage, but the amperage available. The amperage needed to be effective is between 2.5 and 4.5 milliamps. It sounds like a small amount, and it is, because 1 amp will kill you. Anything closer to 5 milliamps will make the device’s capacitor susceptible to burn out, and may create an unreliable unit

What higher voltages may allow is a better delivery of the amperage. This translates into being able to penetrate thicker layer of clothing. However, even stun guns with voltages of under 1 million are very effective in getting through an inch of clothing. This means it will even work through most coats and jackets and even multiple layers of clothing.

So how can you decide which stun gun is best?

When choosing a unit, take into consideration how comfortably it fits into your hands. This is a very important factor because the length of time your stun gun is in direct contact with your attacker will make a difference in their reaction. The longer the contact, the more disabling the effects will be. The recovery time is also generally longer. You want to choose a device that will not slip easily from your fingers,preferably with a rubberized grip. Or choose one that will be difficult to pry away, as with the Blast Knuckles stun gun.


The other factor you must consider is the reliability of the manufacturer. Simply put, stun guns are electronic devices. They are not all created equal. Some have better and more reliable components than others. This is the main factor in the pricing difference between stun devices. While expensive does not always equal quality, you do want to buy a one that offers a lifetime warranty. This means the distributors will stand behind their products.

The physical size of the stun device is also not a big contributing factor. Some of the smallest ones can bring the biggest men to their knees.

If you are still in doubt about which is the best stun gun for you, feel free to  contact us. We would be happy to help you choose a stun gun that fits your lifestyle and safety needs.

Stay Safe!

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  • About Wendy Megyese

    Wendy Megyese is a speaker, author, self defense expert and law enforcement officer. Her articles on self defense have made her a leading online authority on this topic. Wendy's passion is educating others on how to avoid dangerous situations and empowering them to fight back if they are faced with an attacker. Born and raised in New York City, Wendy now lives in rural Arkansas with her husband . She is the mother of four adult children and grandmother to one. In her free time, she enjoys riding her Harley Davidson and playing with her two dogs.


The Conversation

  • Wendy Megyese says: July 12, 2015 at 9:20 am

    It is interesting to note that “Paul” made a comment about stun guns, but has failed to follow up with an answer as to why these should not be recommended to women for their self defense. Since he has not, let me take the opportunity to do so on his behalf.
    Top 5 reasons why stun guns should not be used for self defense:
    5. Stun guns don’t work.
    4. A stun gun can be taken away and used against a woman.
    3. Women should take martial arts if they want to defend themselves
    2. The only real self defense weapon is a gun.
    1. And finally… The world according to Paul is Holy. You don’t need any kind of protection.
    As a law enforcement officer, the owner of Best Line Defense, and the gal in the video, ( but now with much longer hair), I’ll address each of “Paul’s” possible arguments:
    1. Unfortunately, the world is far from holy. There is a very real evil that exists. Every 107 seconds an American woman is sexually assaulted. This does not take into account every other type of attack, such as muggings or domestic violence. Without a means to defend yourself, you may easily become part of that statistic.
    2. While firearms play a vital role in self defense, not everyone can or should rely on a gun for protection. The reasons are many and varied, from the fact that you cannot obtain a concealed carry license until the age of 21 to safety considerations when you have small children around. Stun guns can also be carried in places where firearms cannot. For example, you cannot legally leave a store with a gun in your hand ready to use just in case you encounter a predator. You can, however, do that with a stun gun.
    3. I always recommend taking some type of physical self defense training if and when at all possible. However, this is not an attainable goal for everyone. Consider the 70 year old, frail woman who lives in a rural area 50 miles from where any training of this kind might be offered. I currently live 45 miles away from any type of urban area, so that description fits a large number of women that I routinely encounter.
    4. Any type of weapon, lethal or non-lethal can be taken away and used against the victim. This includes firearms, which ultimately can lead to a much greater consequences. There are several types of stun guns, including the Runt that have safety measures to help prevent an attacker from using the stun gun on the victim.
    5. Stun guns do indeed work. While nothing is 100% guaranteed to prevent falling prey to an attacker, stun guns have a 92% efficacy rate. This is the reason law enforcement officers, including myself, rely on them as one of the tools used to subdue criminals. The use of Tasers and stun guns is now so common, that even the sound of a stun gun being ‘popped’ is a deterrent. Regardless of the language you speak, or what country you may be from, most adults recognize the sound of electricity sparking and have a healthy and reasonable fear of it. In my training, I have had the dubious privilege of being Tased. Trust me, it works.

    In the event that ‘Paul’ cares to counter my arguments, especially on the efficacy of stun guns, I would happily try to arrange a meeting where he would submit to having a stun gun used on him. If indeed he still has a valid reason for saying these should not be carried by women for self defense, then I will gladly withdraw my comments.

    In the meantime, I will continue to heartily recommend stun guns as a great non lethal self defense weapon.

  • Paul says: July 8, 2015 at 2:10 pm

    Please, for the love of all that is holy STOP recommending this garbage to women for self-defense.