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Sportsmen’s Alliance Gets Support from America’s Top Female Hunters

The Sportsmen’s Alliance has changed its look and shortened its name, from U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance, to just Sportsmen’s Alliance. In its monthly digital magazine, of the same shortened named, it’s easy to see how the Sportsmen’s Alliance is gathering support from some of this country’s top female hunters — Jana Waller, Melissa Bachman, Jen O’Hara and Norissa Harman. Jana stars in “Skullbound TV”; Melissa hosts “Winchester Deadly Passion”; and Jen and Norissa co-host “Universal Huntress.”

These 4 hunters grace the pages of the magazine, with the hashtag “IAmtheAlliance. Throughout the issue, you’ll find up-to-date and important news about hunting, fishing and trapping legislation and policies throughout the country. You can also see stories of people who are truly making a positive impact on the philosophies of hunting, shooting and trapping — American traditions. When Nick Pinizzotto took the reins of this organization, about two years ago, he said he wanted to change it from a boardroom suit-and-tie look to more of a camo look. I’d say he’s done that … and the fact that the Alliance has enlisted the help of a female band of well-respected and renowned hunters? All the better.


Recognize these famous faces in the hunting world? Jen Adams, Norissa Harman, Jana Waller and Melissa Bachman. Simply the best.

Visit the August issue of Sportsmen’s Alliance magazine.


Learn more about Sportsmen’s Alliance.

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