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Universal Hunter’s Winter Issue is Now Available


Big Island Spanish Goat & More in Universal Hunter’s Winter Issue

Also Inside: Medical Tips for the Traveling Hunter and Free Range Stag Argentina Adventure 

(January 2016) – Hawaii is fast becoming more than just a destination for surf and sand – big game hunters are traveling here for a variety of hunting opportunities, including the author in the feature in Universal Hunter’s January issue, “Aloha” for her first Spanish Goat hunt. The winter issue, now available on newsstands and online at http://UniversalHunter.Com, also features “Medical Tips for the Traveling Hunter” by Dennis L. Johnson, M.D. and an adventure story by Jen O’Hara on her Argentinean hunt for free-range stag in “Lost in Translation.” Also in this issue are articles by Tim Herald, Larry Weishuhn, T.J. Swanky and more. Don’t miss Larry Weishuhn’s article “Highland Reds,” for a red stag hunt in the Scottish highlands. And Swanky gives a unique perspective on a giraffe hunt – not a hunt that is high on most hunters’ lists he says – in his piece “Wild Nambia.”

“This issue is our most eclectic grouping of hunting adventure stories,” said Chantelle Kapp, editor of Universal Hunter. “I appreciate the lengths our writers go through to capture the essence of their hunts – be it stalking a giraffe in Nambia or glassing for stag in Argentina – our writers are hunters and storytellers. But the best way for you to experience these adventures is to do it yourself. That’s why we also have a superb list of advertisers who have all been vetted by my staff or myself.”


In “Aloha,” author Elizabeth Rickert is hunting on the Big Island, near Kona, for the first time for Spanish Goat. As a lady hunter, Rickert talks about a few of the obstacles she had to face, “I knew I would be under a microscope, and I would have to be on my A game. I wanted to prove that all my hard work leading up to this hunt meant something to me and to show that women really are capable to hunt,” she wrote. Another huntress, Jen O’Hara, talks about her experience hunting free-range stag and Blackbuck in Argentina in her piece “Lost in Translation.” She wrote, “Hunting is my time to be at peace. No work, no cellphone, no laptop… I love to take in all of the smells, sounds, and views each time I hunt. They are always different…and I look forward to each and every hunt to unwind and enjoy the connection that has nothing to do with Wi-Fi.”

Regular columnists Dr. Jim and Mary Clary continue to provide product reviews on items from Sig Sauer MCX ASP Airgun, JOKER Knives, BOG-POD Tripod, The Rifle Caddy and more. In the Rifle Caddy review, Dr. Jim Clary wrote, “Firearm safety and convenient carry is what prompted the British Columbia inventor of the Rifle Caddy to design this very simple yet effective accessory. When we parked the truck, each gun was easily and quickly removed. Why someone didn’t think of this sooner, we will never know. This inexpensive accessory is a definite must have for every hunter with a truck.”

And finally, don’t miss “Seven Exercises to Incorporate Into Your Off-Season Routine” by Christi Stone.  She offers full body exercises to help stay in form and motivated for success when the time comes to pull the trigger.

Universal Hunter is now on newsstands and available for download via iTunes, Google Play, Nook and Magzter. Learn more at http://UniversalHunter.Com and at https://www.facebook.com/UniversalHunterMagazine

You can also sign up for a printed subscription online or by emailing Chantelle Kapp, chantelle@universalhunter.com

About Universal Hunter:

Along with publisher Hennie van der Walt, who has been hunting for several decades and is a pillar in the outdoor magazine publishing business and publisher, Emaneul Kapp, the respected wildlife and hunting videographer and photographer with more than 20 years worldwide video and photography experience, and also the Producer for Universal Huntress, they help put Universal Hunter Magazine together. Editor Chantelle Kapp with our team of professional writers like; Tim Herald, Tony Martins, Magnus Pelz, James Clary, Larry Weishuhn, and many other known and respected writers, we provide you with new and exciting hunting and informational articles in each issue. Member contribution articles are also published, giving our readers the best of both worlds.


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Chantelle Kapp, Universal Hunter, chantelle@universalhunter.com

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