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The Day We Shot the Batman Cannon and Other Guns

“Hey, girl! You come to town and we’ll go shoot!” said my pal, Cheryl Todd, who is co-owner of AZ Firearms and host at Gun Freedom Radio, with her husband, Danny. Cheryl also writes “The Flame,” a monthly column about our Second Amendment, here at The WON. After all, girls just want to have guns and what better way to spend time together than to get our hands on several guns that the Todds love to share with friends, including the “Batman cannon” used in the recent movie, along with a few other guns:

  • Solothurn 20mm, Valmet
  • 7.62x39mm Full-Auto
  • WWII Era British 303 Bren Gun
  • M60 in .308
  • WWII Era German MG42 8mm
  • Glock 18 Full-Auto
Carrie Lightfoot Barbara Baird girls guns

Here I am with Carrie, near the famous movie star cannon.

So, we met on a Sunday morning in April and went out to the desert to shoot. Our good friend and compatriot in Arms, Carrie Lightfoot, of The Well Armed Woman, and her husband, Brian, joined us, along with my parents and sister, Brenda. Oh, and the cannon? It was used in the recent Batman movie, “Dawn of Justice.” Really.

batman cannon

The crew.

Not only did we get to shoot several guns at some way cool targets (and a cannon — did I mention that?), BestDronage provided aerial and ground videography. Their drones are amazing and deliver awesome 4K video that allow for unique firearms related perspectives. The Firearms Concierge, known for their firearms related tours in the Sonoran Desert, provided range safety.

The Batman Cannon

Check out their video for the true story of a day in the desert with some guns that made history.



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