Sarah Jane Jacob: Cherie Blake Interview in ‘Gun Girl Down Under’

Featured blogger Sarah Jane Jacob interviews Action shooter Cherie Blake in her series, “Women of Calibre.”


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This week I had the pleasure of chatting with Action shooter Cherie Blake about the Bianchi Cup, her military training and her family of ace shooters.

Cherie Blake

You’ve been target shooting since you were 12 years old. What are some of your most memorable experiences in the shooting community?

Back in the mid 1980s, Victoria started running Junior Camps for a week in the Christmas school holidays.  There would be up to 50 juniors at these camps and it was so good to be around other kids with the same interests. There’s been some great quality shooters that attended these camps as juniors, including Olympians Linda Ryan and David Chapman.


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But the most significant experience from my shooting life will always be shooting in the Defence / Army team where I met my husband – he was in the rifle team and I was in the pistol team. I think it was my slick mag changes that drew his attention!

What do you like most about competing in Action match?

What I like about action match is also what is the most demanding part; it forces you to bring your A game to every stage of every event because you can’t make up points later in the match. You really have to strive for perfection for all 192 shots, so it is as much a mental challenge as a shooting challenge.

The other great thing about Action Match is the quality of the people you shoot with. There are so many characters and I often find myself laughing so hard with them, making every shoot an enjoyable experience. Having said that, every one also respects that when you’re on the line you are there to shoot the best you can.

Are there many other women who shoot Action match?

Unfortunately there aren’t too many women in Australia that shoot Action, but as I always say we are quality not quantity.  Aussie women have won the Bianchi Cup more times (5) than our male countrymen (2). In the 2014 Australian Nationals we had 15 female competitors but amongst them was a past World Champion and two past Bianchi Cup champions (one went on to win the 2015 Bianchi Cup)…


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