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Win Melissa Bachman’s Mathews Jewel Bow

Wanna Win WON? Melissa Bachman is willing to part with a Mathews’ Jewel Bow that accompanied her on hunting trips for 18 months. In fact, you can watch her hunting with this bow on Winchester Deadly Passion, her television series on Sportsman Channel and Wild TV.
Of any one bow this is probably the bow I’ve taken the most animals with.  I used it for a year and a half.  No name for the bow but, yes, it was extremely lucky.  I’ve shot Mathews almost my entire life and really love everything about a Mathews bow.  It has a smooth draw, accurate, and this one was made specifically for women so it fits great as well. 

Mathews Jewel

The bow is a 25.5-inch draw length, but Mathews will send new cams if needed to accommodate for a different draw length. It has a 50 to 60-pound draw weight. “I used this bow for tons of animals — Colorado velvet mule deer, 2 Illinois turkeys, 2 Alaska black bear, 2 Kanas turkeys, a Kentucky turkey, a Texas turkey, along with numerous big Florida gators,” said Melissa.
Mathews Jewel bow


The Mathews Jewel was a bow that I was super excited about, as it was not only made for women, but this was a great-looking bow. It has the jewel right on the bow, and I also added a little extra bling — using Swarovski crystals on the harmonic dampener on a couple places on the bow.  The pink strings and cables really made this bow stand out in photos, and even though many may think that’s too much for hunting, I had a lot of success with it — even taking a turkey on the ground spot and stalk with it … so, I believe if you can fool a turkey’s eyesight on the ground, it must be OK!”

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Mathews jewel bachman bow

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