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#Fishon with Marianne Huskey: How to Get Children Fishing

Every year I am asked the same question from parents: “How do I get my children interested in fishing?”

The answer is simple.

Take your child fishing for the first time on a small body of water that will produce high numbers of fish.

Marianne Huskey, fishing

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When kids are young, they need a lot of activity – rather than a trophy fish to put on the wall. Catching pan fish is a great way to start a young angler fishing. The simple presentation with a worm and a bobber works the best and allows the child to focus on the bobber while creating excitement when it drops below the surface of the water.

Children do not care how big the fish is; they just want to catch something.

Marianne has quite a collection of fishing tips at The WON in her series #FishOn. You can read them all here.



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  • Jim Bedford says: June 26, 2016 at 7:26 pm

    Amen on lots of action for young anglers. In four recent kids fishing events with a total of almost 300 anglers I can count on one hand the number that didn’t catch a fish and many did double digits.