Meet Susan Myers, The Women’s Gun Show Fan of the Month

Susan Myers is a well-armed woman, for real. A member of The Well Armed Woman’s Southwest Missouri Chapter, she is continually training and honing her shooting skills. We chose Susan (randomly, thanks to Rafflecopter) as our October Fan of the Month. Carrie Lightfoot interviewed her in Show #30.

Meet Susan Myers

The WON: What’s your answer for when people say, “What do you do?”

Well, I do a few different things. I’m our church’s secretary, working a couple mornings a week to take care of those tasks. The rest of the time I’m working from home as either a counted cross-stitch pattern designer, or an artist/instructor for Artful Gathering (an annual online art retreat), and finally my newest gig, serving as the Assistant Administrator for Artful Gathering.

Susan Myers

Susan Myers

The WON: Three words that best describe your attitude toward being able to shoot safely and competently.




The WON: You mentioned your children in the interview. How did you know if was time for them to learn about shooting?

This one is kinda funny, because thanks to their father, my 2 sons were both highly skilled shooters at a very young age, long before I ever decided to join in on the action! They have grown up shooting, hunting, attending gun shows and developing a deep love and appreciation for firearms. Matter of fact, my oldest named my first grandchild Colt; and at just 17 months, he is a rampant Colt to boot!

The WON: What’s your next gun? Can be a dream gun.

Some sort of really, really nice pistol for competitive shooting – I haven’t even started looking into what model I’d want. Besides, as a fairly new shooter, I’m nowhere near ready for actually needing one yet. But hey, my interest has been piqued, so I might as well start getting prepared.

The WON: Is there training or a trip you’d like to take that revolves around shooting? What is it?

SHOT Show … yeah, yeah I know, it’s for the trade only, but never say never. I’ve only got 4 jobs right now; one of these days I may find a 5th somewhere in the industry 😉 But I suppose in the meantime, I’d like to keep going with more advanced pistol training and then hopefully take the leap into USPSA type events.

The WON: How do you talk to women in this election year about your strong Second Amendment views?

I guess my biggest area of concern this time around was the Supreme Court. The decisions made there can last for generations, so those appointments in the wrong hands was a really scary thought. Otherwise, when someone would bring up the “circus” that was the campaign, I’d just always reply, “In the Bible, God showed time and again that he can use flawed people to do great things.”

The WON: Anything else?

I never imagined ever wanting to go any further than being well prepared for carrying concealed. I’ve been so surprised with my mindset after taking just part 1 of Stacy Bright’s Advanced Handgun class. It was like someone flipped a switch inside me, and I am now wanting to delve deeper into shooting than I know what’s good for me! I’m ate up with it right now, and being chosen as your fan ‘o the month has just been sweet icing on the cake!!


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