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The Women’s Gun Show Episode #41: How to Clean Your Gun

On this week’s show, Carrie Lightfoot and Barbara Baird discuss how to clean your gun and Barbara interviews Gunsite Academy’s gunsmith, Mike Moore, on the basics. And then some … Mike also advocates for using an air compressor during the cleaning process. The women also discuss trending news topics in the firearms world, cool products and training events for women. Sponsored by Ruger.

Topic: How to Clean Your Gun

Interview Mike Moore

Mike Moore Gunsite

Mike Moore (Gunsite Academy photo)


Mike Moore is a retired Police Officer from Lafayette, LA where he served as a Patrol Officer, Robbery/Homicide Detective, Department Armorer, SWAT Sniper and lead Firearms Instructor.  He has over 27 years experience as a firearms instructor and more than 30 years as a professional gunsmith.  At Gunsite Mike is a Rangemaster for handgun, carbine, shotgun, foreign weapons, general rifle, and precision long range rifle as well as several specialty classes.  Mike has recently relocated his gunsmith business from Louisiana to Gunsite where he is now the owner of Tacdrivers LLC home of the Gunsmith Shop at Gunsite.

Survival Story

Carrie found a news item about a Boise woman who scares off attempted carjacker with pistol: http://kboi2.com/news/local/boise-woman-scares-off-would-be-carjacker-with-her-pistol 

Firearms news you can use 

Hacksaw-RidgeBarb found that the most violent movie at Oscars in lineup was about a pacifist (Hacksaw Ridge): https://www.inverse.com/article/27467-oscar-nominees-2017-violence-death-destruction-hacksaw-ridge?utm_source=rss&amp%3Butm_medium=inverse&amp%3Butm_campaign=organic

Carrie found an article about amateur gunsmithing and how that almost cost a competition shooter her life:  https://bearingarms.com/bob-o/2017/02/27/amateur-gunsmithing-nearly-costs-competitive-shooter-her-life/

Cool products 

 How to clean your gun otis pull-through system

Mike Moore recommended to Barb’s class at Gunsite that they purchase an Otis gun cleaning system (pull-through) to have in their range bags at all times: http://www.otistec.com/Products/Hunting_and_Sporting.asp


Carrie can now reveal that she shot the new Beretta APX recently at tactical training in Virginia. Even though the gun is marketed as a fighting weapon for law enforcement and military, it could be an excellent choice for personal defense for women: http://www.beretta.com/en-us/win-the-fight/?utm_campaign=APX&utm_source=hs_email&utm_medium=email&utm_content=43483440&_hsenc=p2ANqtz-8Lrt6-sQ_4CxVXgKNafktDefyU5j1PKpQdXJckFB5R6eHq49uIDNC0-Ys09g07_d64WSb0XRoVsCUA4OH497uEagOUKM3Fiw7updQ9SgmdYYQ504Y&_hsmi=43483440

TWAW Product of the Week

viper-bore-snakeKeeping with the cleaning theme of this week’s show, Carrie mentions the Boresnake that she has in the warehouse, $25.99:  http://thewellarmedwoman.com/cleaning-supplies/boresnake

Calendar: What’s up? 


nssf rimfire challenge

Barb says it’s time for the NSSF Rimfire Challenge, and encourages people who want to start competition shooting to check it out. Can be done as a family with multiple locations for competitions across the nation: http://nssf.org/rimfire/#&panel1-3

Il Ling New Gunsite

Rangemaster Il Ling New on the line at Gunsite during a women’s training course. (Barbara Baird photo)

Carrie recommends the Gunsite Ladies Pistol Class, which runs from May 15:https://www.gunsite.com/gunsite-class-list/

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