The Women’s Gun Show Fan of the Month: Meet Patti, Retired and Recharged

Every month, “The Women’s Gun Show” podcast cohosts randomly select a fan from several entries. That fan receives a box of goodies from The Well Armed Woman, an opportunity to be interviewed by host Carrie Lightfoot at the podcast and a vignette, such as this one, at The WON. Meet Patti, this month’s, “Fan of the Month.”



The WON: What’s your answer for when people say, “What do you do?”

Patti: Although my husband and I are both retired, I seem to be busier now than I was when I was working 60+ hours a week. I never stop learning and I continue to pursue and participate in numerous activities, some of which I have been doing for many years (quilting, sewing, DIY, training & showing dogs, target shooting and training) and some newer activities that I have begun more recently or will be starting next season (hunting, archery, shooting matches, reloading, training a gun dog). I enjoy the outdoors and find many of my activities to be, not only enjoyable, but also rewarding, empowering, and relaxing.


The WON: Three words that best describe your attitude toward being able to shoot safely and competently.

Patti: Safety, training, safety.


The WON: Was your first experience shooting a gun good or bad? Why so?

Patti: My first experience shooting a gun was when I was 7 or 8 years old – a truly wonderful and memorable experience. I grew up on a farm and we learned many things as small children: gun safety, hunting, fishing, raising farm animals, growing crops, canning, sewing, hand quilting, and more. I have so many fond memories from those days.

This has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. From growing up on the farm, to spending 10+ years in the military (US Navy and US Army), working careers (surgical technician, firefighter/EMT, real estate broker), and now my daily life as a retiree. Safety and Training are paramount in so many aspects of life, most certainly in being able to shoot safely and competently.



The WON:  What’s your next gun? Can be a dream gun.

Patti: So many to choose from! However, being the practical person that I tend to be, I am looking for a wonderful shotgun and hunting rifle to fit my body size. At 5’2” and a length of pull that is roughly 12.5”, finding something fits and is comfortable to use is important. I’ve been looking at the Syren models … certainly on my Dream Gun Wish List, but still researching other makes/models.


The WON: Is there training or a trip you’d like to take that revolves around shooting? What is it?

Patti: Again, so many to choose from. One I would love to attend is the NRA Women’s Wilderness Escape at the Whittington Center on Raton, New Mexico. Seven days of Shotgun, Pistol, Rifle, Long Range, 3 Gun, and Henry Rifles with a group of outstanding women … what more could a gal want!

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