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‘The Women’s Gun Show’ Fan of the Month, Adrianna

Meet Adrianna, the February “Fan of the Month” for The Women’s Gun Show. Adrianna is not only a listener of the popular podcast that features women who are self-protectors and Second Amendment advocates, but also, she is a chapter leader for The Well Armed (TWAW) Woman in Louisiana.


The WON: What’s your answer for when people ask, “What do you do?”

Adrianna: I am a mom, a wife, an architect, a TWAW state leader and a firearm instructor.

The WON:  Three words that best describe your attitude toward being able to shoot safely and competently.

Adrianna: TWAW’s 3 E’s – educated, equipped and empowered – are the first that come to mind. Trying to turn off that automatic response, I would say readied and confident, yet always cautious.

The WON:  Was your first experience shooting a gun good or bad? Why so?

Adrianna: At the time, it was fun. When I look back on it after learning what I know today, it could have certainly been a better experience. I wish I had the information tools back then that women have access to within the world of firearms today.

The WON:  What’s your next gun? Can be a dream gun.

Adrianna: Well, there are 3 that I am interested in. I am currently in the process of building my first MSR, researching every piece for the exact function I am looking for. The second would be an upgrade of my Ruger Mark III Lite to the new Mark IV Lite. And the third would be the upcoming LWRCI IC-DI designed for ladies … rumored to soon be released.

The WON:  Is there training or a trip you’d like to take that revolves around shooting? What is it?

Adrianna: In 2 weeks, I will be taking an Active Shooter Response Course with Donna Anthony of Alaska’s Point Blank, which I have been really looking forward to. I would love to spend a few weeks in Arizona at Gunsite Academy for some rifle and carbine courses.

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