LaserMax GripSense Makes Perfect Sense

Sometimes it may seem daunting and might be a drawback to purchasing an aftermarket light or laser for your gun – the fact that you will need to train with one more step so that you can successfully draw and activate a laser or light switch on your concealed carry gun. Thanks to LaserMax and its new GripSense activation technology, you can program your laser/light combo to activate immediately upon gripping the gun, or you can choose to turn it on manually.

Why GripSense?

GripSense technology is aptly named, since it senses when you grip the gun naturally, and does not require additional pressure or pushing a button to activate.

I saw the unique light/laser combo in action at the recent National Rifle Association’s Annual Meetings in Atlanta last week. Weighing only 1.5 ounces, this combo is made of fiberglass reinforced nylon and requires 2 1/3N lithium batteries. You don’t have to remove the combo from the gun to change its batteries.


The 100-lumens light shows a mint green emitting diode. LaserMax chief sales officer, Chris Tinkle, said, “Mint green shadows less and is clearer to the eye than a bright green light. In a dark situation, you won’t get the flash effect, like you get with a bright white light.”

“It’s fully programmable, so if you want to have laser only, light flash, laser flash, light only … it’s up to you,” added Tinkle.


The accessory is available for the following firearms: Smith & Wesson M&P Shield, GLOCK 42 or 43 and the Ruger LC9s.

No one else in the industry is offering a combo such as this one. The laser portion comes in your choice of red or green.

The GripSense comes with 2 screws, and Tinkle assured me that anyone can attach it to one of the firearms listed above.

MSRP:  $179 for the red, $209 for the green


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