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Julie McQueen’s Sitka Gear Checklist: Ascent Pant

Early and mid-season hunts require specific pieces of clothing that will take you from glassing the ridges to stalking the game seamlessly. The material needs to be light and breathable, yet also strong enough to protect you from the elements and obstacles. My experience last season with the Ascent pant from Sitka was exactly that. I spent hundreds of days in the field, and these pants were the ones I always hoped were clean enough to put back on for another day at work.

Although they are removable, I rarely take out the kneepads. I tend to kneel down and crouch a lot for long glassing sessions or resting in between hikes. After a full season of wear, and I’m not known to take it easy on my gear in the field, these pants don’t have one stitch out of place or any tears in the fabric.

Sitka Ascent Pant

One reason why I typically grab these pants for daily wear in the field is the perfect pocket designs. I have a few small items I like to have close by and readily available, and the side pockets lay flat even when I have my lens cap or my Chapstick in there. I can easily reach down and grab what I need without worrying about the pocket flaps getting caught on anything while I’m hiking.


When I look back at photos from last season, I notice that I wear these pants as a primary piece and then build around it. For example, I might have on a short sleeve shirt while hiking in the backcountry, and then in other photos I’ve paired these pants with my heaviest jacket while I glass. This is because of the versatility of the style and fabric. I know that I won’t overheat in these pants, but I’ll also be able to layer up if I need to.

I took the Ascent pant from big game season to turkey season over the past year, and they are definitely considered my go-to pants when I have to pack light and wear one pair for multiple days. When you spend as many days consecutively in the field as I do, there isn’t always an option of changing your clothes every day. These Ascent pants make me feel like I can get by with one style for every occasion.

Find out more about the Ascent pant from Sitka here.

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  • Robert Gonzales says: July 18, 2017 at 12:02 pm

    WON and Sitka Gear great move Julie Mcqueen is an awesome spokeswoman for your endeavors. Her stewardship and commitment to bringing women to the joys of the outdoors is immeasurable. Julie thank you for all you do to pramote hunting fishing and conservation. It is greatly appreciated that you lend your experience and moxie to the sport. Be well be blessed with health, love, prosperity, and life.
    Much luv Wildflowers.