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Video: My Project ChildSafe Story – Cheyenne Dalton

Cheyenne Dalton started shooting 10 years ago – at the age of 5. Her dad handed her a bolt-action .22 rifle, taught her safety plus basic fundamentals and she quickly progressed to a Ruger 10/22. “My dad wanted me to understand how guns worked and how to handle them safely, because he figured if I knew how they worked that I’d be much less likely to have an accident with one,” said Cheyenne. “He would take me hunting with him (to just watch, and be in the woods with him). I enjoyed shooting and hunting was the next progression of that.” By the time she turned 7, she could be found out hunting with her father.

Cheyenne Dalton

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Cheyenne, as you’ve probably figured out, is an up-and-coming competition shooter and this is another reason she is the perfect spokesperson for our #ProjectChildSafe campaign. She writes a monthly column here at The WON, sponsored by Volquartsen Firearms.

When asked about her choices of shooting sports, she said, “Three-gun is so much fun because of the movement and long distance targets that must be engaged; it’s challenging and entertaining. I also love Rimfire Challenge because of the speed it takes to be competitive … and because I get to meet new shooters and I think that’s a huge part of the importance of Rimfire challenge and shooting in general. We need a new generation of shooters!”

Cheyenne Dalton shares her Project ChildSafe story


When not on a range for competition, you might find her in the woods of the Missouri Ozarks. “Turkey and deer hunting are a lot of fun, too. It’s nice to spend time with my family in the woods or around a campfire,” said Cheyenne, who plays violin, mandolin, guitar, upright bass and ukulele in a family bluegrass band. Or, you might see her onstage at Silver Dollar City, with her bluegrass band – That Dalton Gang.

“My family is a huge part of my shooting. My dad has always been by my side – whether it is practicing or at a match or working on my guns. My mom is also involved with other aspects of the shooting that we do. I can’t imagine how many hours we’ve put into shooting or how many miles we’ve driven to matches or other shooting related events. My grandparents are very supportive as well. We are all one big team.”

Currently homeschooled, this teenager hopes to become a dentist or a pharmacist; she also wants to continue shooting. “I think it would be fun to have a TV show, too,” she added.

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