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Meet the Remington 870 DM Family

It’s an American tradition – the Remington 870. Who doesn’t have one in a safe or closet somewhere? If you’re a hunter, you more than likely have one or someone in your family does. The 870 line now offers 6 versions — 6 new 870 DMs (detachable magazines) — all in 12 gauge. Not all of them will be in the stores for Christmas, though.

shoothouse 870 DM

In the shoot house at Gunsite with Gunsite rangemaster Dave Hartman. (Jonathan Owen photo)

870 DM Magpul

I worked with the 870 DM Magpul version at Gunsite last August, during a tactical media event, and saw the excitement that Daniel Cox, product manager of shotguns at the company, displayed over this development. Cox told me that Remington knew that these markets – law enforcement, personal defense and hunting – wanted a magazine-fed shotgun.

870 DM magpie

Designed for the law enforcement/home defense market, this version features a 6-round magazine, which pops in easily. Combine it with the Ultimate Defense Managed Recoil Buckshot, and you’ve got a sturdy, reliable personal defense gun.

The women’s market is paying attention to personal defense guns, and I know they’ll appreciate the Magpul SGA stock with Super Cell recoil pad (combined, again, with the managed recoil loads offered by Remington). The gun also comes with a Magpul MOE M-Lok fore-end.

“Dang,” said one of my editors at a gun magazine recently. “They put a ghost ring rear sight on this thing!” Why, yes … they did that. And it rocks.

Talk about focusing in on the target quickly. I shot this gun in the shoot house at Gunsite last August, and I liked the ability to use the XS steel front sight on a tactical rail, combined with the ghost ring in the back. It’s not overkill to want to get on target and focus shot patterns quickly and accurately, and this set up works for me.

In this version, the gun is fitted with an 18.5-inch Rem choke barrel with an extended ported tactical choke.

MSRP: $799

Basic Model 870 DM

 DM 870

If you don’t want the Magpul version, and want something more affordable – yet just as competent – check out the plain Jane version of this gun, the 870 DM. It comes with a black synthetic stock with the Super Cell recoil pad and a tactical “corn cob” fore-end. It also has an 18.5-inch barrel, and comes with 1 magazine that holds 6.

MSRP: $529

870 DM Tactical / Predator

DM 870 Tactical predator 

Have you ever been in a duck blind or somewhere else hunting and decided you want to change loads and shot sizes fast? This gun will allow you to do that quickly. It comes with a 3- and 6-round detachable magazine, and overmolded ShurShot thumbhole stock with a Super Cell recoil pad. We see the XS steel front sight and XS tactical rail and ghost ring configuration on this model, which comes in a Kryptek Highlander camo pattern.

MRSP: $799

 870 DM Tac-14

 Tac-14 870 remington

This little version will probably cause the biggest buzz. Firearms enthuisasts have been embracing (as in buying off the shelves) any version of this gun with its Shockwave grip and Magpul fore-end. This one takes a 6-round magazine and a 14-inch bore barrel. With a bead sight, this one is ready to roll with you, and I’ve heard that it’s very popular for car carry.

MSRP: $559

870 DM Hardwood

hardwood 870 DM

You guessed it. This one goes a bit upscale in its finishes, with a hardwood stock and fore-end. It also comes with a 6-round magazine, 18.5-inch clinder bore barrel and bead sight. It’s a basic shotgun, the old 870 look, with a magazine-fed ability.

MSRP: $529

870 DM Tactical

 870 DM tactical version

The last iteration features a pistol-grip buttstock and tactical “corn cob” fore-end. Again, it is built with an 18.5-inch barrel, and an extended ported tactical chock. We see the XS steel front sight combined with the XS tactical rail and ghost ring rear sight. Comes with 1 magazine that holds 6.

MSRP: $799


I spent time on the range recently with Remington’s Nitro Magnum Extended Range Buffered ammo and its new Ultimate Defense Managed Recoil Buckshot. Let’s say I preferred the newer version as it didn’t pound my shoulder as much. Designed for performance up to 40 yards, this load touts 40% less felt recoil than full velocity loads deliver. That’s noticeably different. And the pattern, as you can see in the frog fleece top photo below, is most excellent.

Rem Ultimate defense loads

Visit Remington’s shotguns page for more information.

Oh, and keep your eyes open here at The WON, because we’re taking this gun and those loads back out on the range soon with a few choice ugly Christmas sweaters.ugly Christmas sweater Rem 870dm


pattern of Ultimate Defense load

At 10 yards with the Ultimate Defense Managed Recoil buckshot loads.


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