Summer WON Coloring Girl Features Someone Very Special

This month’s installment in our coloring girl series features a little girl who is very special to our Babbs – her granddaughter, Pippi Jean. Of course, that’s not her real name, but let’s just say that this illustration – created by talented Kimberly Kolb Eakin – represents one of PJ’s fav things to do in the summer, and that is … go to the beach. 

Beach Angel Coloring page


Download our Summer WON Coloring Girl PJ’s page here.

Babbs and the rest of her family spent a few days at a beach in the Carolinas recently, and she caught this photo of PJ with her little boogey board. The kid stayed in the water till she was prune-skinned and salty eyebrowed. You know the look. And Babbs rode the boogey-board waves again and again, all day long, with her sidekick a few feet away.

We’re delighted to be working with Kimberly on creating healthy, outdoor-related coloring book pages that reflect our values and our mission here at Women’s Outdoor News, aka The WON.

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Kimberly Kolb Eakin copy full metal coloring book

About Kimberly Kolb Eakin:

Kimberly Kolb Eakin is the author of  Full Metal Coloring: A Book of Down Range Reflection. Kimberly has many talents, including illustrating our coloring pages, being a foodie, a full-time mom involved in her children’s lives and schooling (including historical battles reenacted) and many other irons in the fire. She also is a veteran and retired from a full career in the US Army. We consider ourselves to be fortunate to be able to work with her. You may follow her at Amazon, or visit her website. 

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