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Meet Anna V Outdoors: Ambassador for CZ-USA

Anna V Outdoors is a competition sporting clays shooter, bird dog trainer and CZ-USA ambassador. She’s dedicated to sharing her passion for conservation and love for bird hunting and the shotgun sports. 

Sponsored by CZ-USA

Raised in a Hunting Family 

Growing up, shooting time meant family fun time. I continued those family traditions with my own daughters and soon, friends began asking me to teach their children gun safety and how to shoot. Before I knew it, I was instructing basic women’s pistol classes and hosting hunting trips. 

Ducks Unlimited 

My firearms training business opened quite a few doors, one being Ducks Unlimited. When I joined, I was the first female in the Gainesville, Georgia, Ducks Unlimited Committee. My goal was to bring an awareness of all the amazing things our chapter does for women in our community. This included hosting clay events at a private farm in our town. During the first sporting clay event, I realized I needed to up my game and become a shotgunning expert. Since then, I have been training under a master class sporting clay instructor who is also one of the top mental management coaches in the country. One thing I can say about my shotgun training, it has carried over into all aspects of my life. I encourage everyone to take advantage of this skill! 

(Maggie Turner Photography)

It’s a Dogs Life

I can’t leave out another motivating factor for getting involved in shotgun sports — my dog. Four years ago, I welcomed a German Shorthaired Pointer into our family … we now have 4. Yes, my life now revolves around gun dog activities and shorthairs. I even coined the term #shorthairsnob.  

Upland Hunting

Shotgun sports, bird hunting and habitat conservation give me a more rewarding life than I ever dreamed. Now, I cannot help but promote all the good works of Quail Forever and Pheasants Forever. Their efforts benefit all of us who have a love for upland hunting.  

Anna V Outdoors Dogs CZ-USA Upland Hunting


When it comes to shotguns, it’s CZ-USA all the way. When I first started shooting, the shotgun market seemed a bit limited, especially for a left-handed female. One day my instructor had me shoot his personal CZ Redhead and I finally started winning. I now have my own CZ-USA shotguns and enjoy shooting both over/unders and side-by-sides. 

Anna’s Favorite CZ-USA Shotguns include the following:

  • All American for sporting clays
  • 20 gauge Wingshooter Elite for hunting
  • 28 gauge Sharptail for sub gauge and hunting

Getting Involved

The best way to get involved in the shotgun sports is to find a local Quail Forever or Pheasants Forever Chapter. Within these group of folks, you will find clay shooters, dog breeders and trainers. And everyone will be a hunter. These groups promote both women and youth programs like no others.  

Social media is another amazing way to find a support system. Follow authentic hunters and shooters that give back. On Instagram, you really see the lifestyle of the person you follow. Match your goals with a company online and send them a message. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how friendly and encouraging the shooting world is.

Get the Kids Involved

Take your kids with you. Whether shooting clays, working dogs or hunting, I have my daughters by my side. The youngest is obsessed with bird hunting and has a custom fitted Red Ryder. So yes, you can cut the stock to make it easier for the little ones to shoulder properly. I have all the targets that Daisy makes for shooting in the yard and have her carrying her bb gun in the field. It’s the pride in carrying on tradition and the accomplishment of achieving a big kid skill, that keeps the little ones motivated.  

We also watch Gun Dog TV and Wingshooting USA all the time. These shows expose kids to the vast world of upland hunting. There are so many options – from youth team clay sports to hunting. The more experiences they have, the more likely they will find their places in the shotgun world.

Anna V outdoors CZ-USA Shotgun sports

(Maggie Turner Photography)

Go Shoot!

I’d like to encourage all ladies that have an interest in the shooting sports to jump right in. Don’t get caught up in what to wear or not speaking the language. If more women get involved, more opportunities will open for ladies across the country.  Don’t miss out on the fun, blaze your own trail in shooting sports and create your own journey!

Find more about Anna V Outdoors at her website ANNAVOUTDOORS.

  • About Michelle Cerino

    Michelle Cerino, aka Princess Gunslinger, entered the firearms industry in 2011 when Cerino Training Group was established. She immediately began competing in both 3-Gun and NRA Action Pistol, becoming a sponsored shooter. Michelle is currently a columnist and Managing Editor of Women’s Outdoor News, as well as Event-Staff for CZ-USA Field Sports. She also manages social media for Vera Koo and GTM Original. Michelle encourages others to step out of the comforts of home and explore.


The Conversation

  • Anna Van Nostrand says: October 29, 2018 at 9:12 am

    Hi Eric. Great question about your Golden. Since I am not fully aware of the training you have put your dog through, I’d recommend a trained retrieve program. Depending on your time comment, you might consider a pro trainer for this. The key is consistency.

  • Eric Romanowski says: October 29, 2018 at 5:00 am

    Hi Anna
    I was wondering if you could give me a couple tips on getting my dog to pick up birds? He’s a two year old golden retriever. He’ll pick up a dummy with wings attached to it but not a bird.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    Thank you,
    Eric Romanowski

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