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Her Humble Hunt: In My Daughter’s Eyes – Turkey Hunting

It’s hard to think of how to best tell about the first day my daughter went on her first turkey hunt. Thinking how to best do it justice. I know as her mother, her best friend, her biggest fan, it was a day my heart found another level of happiness in. This story is not one to be heavy technical hunting details but more so in the moments, the expressions,the feeling. In more ways than one, this day once again showed me the joys of being a hunter and a hunting family. Hope you enjoy. ~ Bianca

Her humble Hunt First Turkey Hunt

We started the morning early, waking my daughter around 4:30. She is the family sleepy head to say the least. I had to shake her more than once to get her moving. Nothing new! Naomi was asleep 5 minutes away from home actually with a good 40 minutes to drive. We finally made it to the first property we lease and planned to try another piece if the land as we had not located on another before. She was so precious when she got out as she knew to be quiet, to stay close and wait for me to instruct her. The way she’s standing here is not one usual to her. Somehow I realized she had taken on my “hunting stance”. Best I can describe it. Whenever we have been out to scout or at camp planning etc, I tend to stand this way like it helps my mind think better. So to see her like this when I turned around made me giggle a little. when she gets to put on camo and such, she really takes on a different personality, just like her momma, you get in the “zone”.

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