Becoming an Outdoors Woman: The 29th “Original” BOW Workshop

Join our 29th Annual “Original” BOW Workshop held at the Treehaven Field Station! Fishing, shooting, paddling, hiking, archery, Dutch oven cooking, backpacking and practicing mindfulness and meditation among other sessions will be available for you to learn and participate in.

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The 29th "Original" BOW Workshop Becoming an Outdoors Woman

Becoming an Outdoors- Woman

BOW is a non-profit outdoor skills program designed specifically for adult women. No experience is necessary and our workshops are for all fitness levels ages. In addition to learning skills like how to fish, shoot, kayak or backpack, participants are empowered by the experience of stepping outside to try something new and gain self confidence as a result. BOW is offered in Wisconsin with the support of the WI DNR and other sponsors.

The program began in 1991, offered through the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. The first workshop, held at Treehaven Field Station near Tomahawk, filled to capacity with over 100 participants. This successful program, founded by Dr. Christine Thomas, has become popular in more than 40 states and several Canadian provinces.

Today, Wisconsin’s BOW program is still going strong, and we still hold multi-course workshops twice a year at Treehaven Field Station as well as Beyond BOW events almost every month. In 2016, we celebrated the 25th anniversary of the program, and with the response we get from our participants, we expect this is only the beginning.

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