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Boot Review: Gumleaf USA Saxon Wellies

There’s just something so satisfying about a good pair of boots. A pair that you don’t have to think twice about when you’re heading out the door on a given adventure, because you know they will serve you well in the field. So, where does one find such a pair of kicks? Gumleaf USA is a great place to start, and especially, a pair of boots I have been wearing since the hurricane – Gumleaf USA Saxon boots. 

Gumleaf USA Saxon Wellies

Gumleaf designs and handcrafts their boots with heavy wear in mind, knowing that outdoorsmen and women need the right combination of sturdy, yet comfortable. Rugged, yet easy. I tend to be pretty tough on any and all of my outdoor gear, so I was excited to put a pair of Gumleaf boots to the test.  

Gumleaf USA Saxon Wellies
From filling feeders to setting crab traps, these boots went everywhere with me.

I was originally going to review their Norse boot, which is designed specifically for women. Unfortunately, my size was not in stock (which tells you how popular they are), so I was sent the Saxon boot as a replacement. Although I know would have loved the Norse boots, the Saxons are also an excellent choice. 

Gumleaf USA Saxon Wellies
Even that wee alligator in the background thinks my boots are great.

With a welly-style design and a nice thick neoprene lining, venturing into our soon-to-be chilly Lowcountry waters will be a breeze. If you know anything about South Carolina weather, you know that we can feel summer temperatures well into fall, so the Saxon boots were a little toasty the first time I took them for a spin. But, I am excited to wear them as the weather cools, knowing I won’t have to layer several pairs of socks to keep my toes warm in the deer stand. 

Saxon boots
The non-slip sole means I won’t have any trouble navigating the pluff mud that surrounds our marshes and waterways.

I also like that these boots are flexible, while still maintaining their structure. I’ve had several pairs that were quite comfortable to stand or walk in, but they were too rigid if I needed to crouch down in an awkward position (like when I came to the edge of a cutover and spotted a nice gobbler 100 yards away). 

Gumleaf USA Saxon Wellies
You can really see the flexibility of the material, and they easily maintain their structure.

Plus, since Gumleaf boots are made from natural rubber instead of a synthetic fabric or fiber, you don’t have to worry about them cracking over time. They might come with a higher price tag than other rubber boots on the market, but the quality clearly shows. I can tell I’ll be wearing these boots for many seasons to come. Any time now, South Carolina! 

Again, the Saxon boot was a little warm for this time of year in my area, but I have no doubt those neoprene layers will feel fantastic once we actually experience some sentiment of fall weather.  According to Jack Butler, of Gumleaf USA, “We have another boot called the Field which has a fabric/textile lining rather than neoprene and is optimal in cool-to-warm weather conditions. Both the Saxon and Norse boots have neoprene lining designed for cool-to-cold conditions.”

Saxon boots

Saxon Boot Specs:

  • 85% natural rubber which won’t crack
  • Accommodates up to 16″ calf circumference
  • 4mm neoprene lining in the upper
  • Stitched 5mm neoprene footbed
  • Air-cushioned heel and forefoot for comfort
  • High-performance sole with all-terrain grip

Saxon boots MSRP: $250

Visit Gumleaf USA here.

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  • Maggie Boineau says: October 22, 2019 at 6:07 am

    They look like they are designed to fit a girl’s calf instead of some of the ones on the market. Can’t wait for the weather to cool down for hunting this season! Great review!