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Holiday Concealed Carry Purses from GTM Original

Choosing the perfect outfit for an upcoming holiday party often involves digging through a closet minutes before leaving for a party, or even worse, a stressful shopping trip with time wasted in the dressing room. To make the lives of my 2A friends a little less tense, I offer you the following list of holiday concealed carry purses from GTM Original. At least choosing the perfect accessory should be easier.

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Holiday Concealed Carry Purses

Glitter RFID CrossBody Sparkle Purse GTM-105

I receive a compliment every time I carry the GTM-105. The multi-color, glitter-coated front flap contains purples, violets, blues crystal and black. And guess what … the glitter doesn’t rub off! 

Holiday Concealed Carry Purses from GTM Original


Overall bag size: 12.5-inches wide by 4.5-inches deep by 8-inches tall

MSRP: $139.95

X-Body Phone Purse/Pouch GTM-07 

For those looking for a concealed carry purse with just enough room for a small wallet, eyeglasses or a phone, the GTM-07 has just that. I also love the color choices: black, gun metal and purple. Imagine the outfit possibilities!

Holiday Concealed Carry Purses from GTM Original


Overall bag size: 4.75-inches wide by 1-inch deep by 6.25-inches tall

MSRP: $79.95

Park Avenue Tote GTM-52

If you like the color choices of the GTM-07, but need to carry a few more items, check out the GTM-52. The tumbled full-grain, drum-dyed leather is highly durable and becomes buttery soft with use. A leather tassel and decorative chain add a little bling, too.



Overall bag size: 9.5-inches wide by 4-inches deep by 8-inches tall

MSRP: $165.95 

Evening Shoulder Pouch GTM-60

Feeling a bit sassy? The GTM-60’s embossed leopard spot design and chain-woven shoulder strap will complement your style. Available in both black and dark tan, it can be worn as a clutch, or with the shoulder strap.



Overall bag size: 7.25-inches wide by 3-inches deep by 5.25-inches tall

MSRP: $70.95

Leopard Print Chained Wallet GTM-29

If you’re fond of animal print designs, you’ll love the GTM-29. Its leopard-printed, hair-on cowhide, trimmed with croco-debossed American cowhide is super sassy. 



Overall bag size: 6.5-inches wide by 1-inch deep by 5.25-inches tall

MSRP: $119.95


Both classy and elegant, GTM-82’s black and white minimalist design offers a style that easily moves from the office to a night out. If you need a little more room to carry more items, it’s a great choice.

Holiday Concealed Carry Purses from GTM Original


Overall bag size: 12-inches wide by 4-inches deep by 9.5-inches tall

MSRP: $235.95

Whether you’re carrying a firearm or non-lethal personal protection, GTM CCW purses are a great choice for your party outfits. Make sure to check out their holiday shipping schedule. Also, GTM offers gift certificates so that she may choose the bag she really wants.

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