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How to: What You Need to Do with Your New Firearm

We review a lot of guns here at The WON, and we urge our reviewers to do the following things with a newly purchased gun before they actually start shooting it on a range. We thought you might benefit from our practice and enjoy a successful first time out on the range with your new firearm. 

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If you purchase a used firearm, please use these tips as well, but realize you might not get everything – such as a manual or extra magazine, sights, grips or chokes – with your purchase. 

New Firearm Walther

Did you get everything you should have received?

Check the manual and/or online to see what you should have received in the box with your new firearm. How many grips, chokes and other accouterments should be included with your purchase? You should always get a manual and a lock, too. If you don’t get a manual, you can request one from the company or download a PDF of the manual for your model.

New Firearm Walther
Walther Arms includes a special brass wire brush for the chamber of the CCP M2, a new gun that we think women will really like for concealed carry.

Is it unloaded?

Clear the gun in a safe direction before you do anything else with it. Do not keep any live ammo around your gun cleaning area.

New Firearm Walther

Take it apart.

Follow the manual’s instructions – or look at YouTube at a reliable and competent video, maybe even from the company itself – to learn how to disassemble your gun. Why? You need to check to make sure the gun has all the internal parts it’s supposed to have, too! 

Clean and lube the gun.

The manual should instruct you as to how to clean and oil your gun. Follow these instructions to the letter. Also, because manufacturers fire a test shot in every gun and since manufacturers oil guns up for shelf life in the desert, your new gun can come with a bunch of internal troubles if you don’t get it cleaned and wiped first. Excess oil can affect the performance of your ammo, as well.

New Firearm Walther
Walther introduced its new CCP M2 with a tool-less takedown and reduced recoil. Watch for our review at The WON on this gun.


Follow the manual’s order of assembly. Pay attention to how it all fits together and it will help you to understand what could be happening later on the range, especially if your gun malfunctions.

Safety check your gun.

There are steps for each type of gun called safety checks. Your manual should also include this procedure after the assembly process section. Make sure you run through the proper steps to check your gun and to make sure that it works properly after you assemble it.

Throw away the plastic bag.

Most new guns come plastic bags inside the cases. Since you’ll be storing your gun responsibly and hopefully, in a climate-controlled area, do not bother to use the plastic any longer. In fact, the plastic can cause moisture to collect and remain on and in the gun. It’s only there for the journey of the gun to you.

For the next part of this series, we’ll feature how to choose ammo and drills for your gun’s first trip to the range.

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