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Coupon Guns: How Jennifer Purchased Her Walther Arms

Three years ago, Jennifer Creed became interested in self-protection with a firearm. Even though she did not own a firearm, she joined a local women’s shooting group at a range outside her hometown in the Ozarks of Missouri. She borrowed guns in order to train. This active insurance agent juggles time in the office, in the field and with her family. This year, she took on the additional role of planning an art festival in a small town. 

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Shortly after beginning training, Jennifer spent time on the range trying lots of handguns, hoping to find “the one.” She liked the instructor’s Walther PPQ M2 in 9mm, even though the price point fell higher than some of the other options on the bench that day. “It fit my small hands,” she said.

Jennifer coupon guns PPQ left CCP on right Baird photo
Jennifer’s coupon guns
(Jason Baird photo)

The Story of the Coupon Gun

In order to justify the expense, Jennifer decided to tap into her coupon app, Ibotta, to see how much money she had saved by using online coupons, and applied that savings to the purchase of her first handgun. Two years later, she has been carrying the PPQ (Missouri is a constitutional carry state) and training religiously. 

“When some people find out that I bought a Walther, they act like it’s not a big deal,” she said. “Some people say, ‘It’s just a brand.’” It’s a lot more than that to me. I like the confidence level, along with the comfort of shooting this gun, that the PPQ gives me. “And,” she added, “time on the range is cheaper than therapy!”

Jennifer coupon guns CCP M2 Baird photo
(Jason Baird photo)

Another Coupon Gun

Jennifer’s interest piqued when she heard about the new Walther CCP M2 in .380 ACP this winter. When she tried it at the range during another day of training – this time the class included shooting while moving and while prone (on back in a parking lot situation). She immediately liked it. Since she intends on learning to carry on-body this spring, she’s really interested in the smaller size of the CCP’s frame, as compared to the PPQ. (Note: Jennifer is petite.)

 Jennifer coupon guns Walther CCP M2 Baird photo2
(Jason Baird photo)

It’s important to understand that for a woman, the decision to carry on-body is huge. Jennifer usually carries in a bag, off-body. Because of her comfort with her coupon gun, its balance and feel, she is ready to take the next step, which will be training to draw and quickly acquire targets back on the range. 

Jennifer Walther PPQM2 1 Baird photo
(Jason Baird photo)

Moral of the Story

This progress happened to one woman who decided to protect herself. Since beginning her own training, she has been on the range with the trainer and her pre-teen son, making sure he gets proper education since there’s a gun or 2 in the house.

What’s her next coupon gun? 

If Walther made an AR, Jennifer would want to try it first. That’s brand loyalty and that’s why it matters to customers such as this mom and businesswoman.

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