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Mother’s Day Gift Giving: That Perfect Concealed Carry Purse

It will be here before you know it. Yes, Mother’s Day is only a month away. Now is the time to get your shopping done early, right from your own home. Although, if you’re like me, it’s not always easy finding that perfect gift. If your mom carries a firearm concealed, perhaps it’s time for a new purse or bag – especially with warm weather here. Here’s how to choose the perfect GTM concealed carry purse for Mom.

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With more than 250 concealed carry purses on its website, how do you decide which GTM purse to choose for the mom in your life? In a previous post, Top 9 Concealed Carry Purse Styles You Should Own, I highlighted a GTM purse that fell within each category. Think about the purses she already owns. Is there a style she is missing? Is there a style she loves but has seen better days? That’s a great start to narrowing down your Mother’s Day purse search. 

Mother’s Day Gift Giving: That Perfect Concealed Carry Purse fashion

Another option is to consider her style. The following questions may help you with that process:

  • What kind of music does she like? 
  • What are some of her favorite outfits?
  • Do she like bright or muted colors?
  • Is she conservative or free spirited?

Here’s a little video I put together for style inspiration:

If all else fails, just ask. Most likely there’s a GTM purse she already has her eyes on. Purchasing a gift certificate is another great option. Let her buy exactly the style she wants. 

Mother’s Day Gift Giving: That Perfect Concealed Carry Purse moms

Likewise, if you’re the mom, why not drop a few hints? Maybe leave a list lying around with your favorite purses listed. Or, just print out a picture and hang it on the refrigerator – making your family’s lives a little easier.

GTM Concealed Carry Purse

So, head over to GTM’s website. Good luck and happy Mother’s Day shopping. And remember, any purse your purchase from GTM will be the perfect concealed carry purse and we’d love to see it on either our social media or on GTM’s.

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