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FIX.com: Everything You Need to Know About Succulents

If you’ve tried growing your own herbs, veggies, or indoor plants before and haven’t had much success, there is one more type of plant you should try before hanging up your gardening gloves forever: succulents.

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These unique plants have exploded in popularity in recent years… and for good reason! They offer a whole host of benefits that make them a great choice for gardeners who are struggling with their green thumb.

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The diversity in color, texture, and shape amongst succulents is just one of the reasons these plants are so attractive to gardeners. This diversity is also the reason that many people – botanists included – have a hard time defining exactly what a succulent is.

While the matter may still be up for debate, for the average gardener, what differentiates succulents from normal plants are their “fat” leaves that retain water. It’s this unique adaptation that makes them fantastic plants for new gardeners. With so much water stored in the plant itself, they need far less water and nutrients than traditional plants. In fact, some of the hardiest types of succulents can go for months without being watered or fed!

This means you can be a bit absentminded, go on vacation, or simply ignore these plants and there’s a good chance they will still survive – and even thrive.

When you head out to the nursery to stock up on succulents, be prepared to be a little overwhelmed. Most nurseries that offer them carry a wide variety. Each of these types has different water, light, and feeding needs. After all, there are over 20,000 different types of succulents out there – that’s a lot to choose from!

While many of these are great choices, here are three fantastic beginner succulents to grow:

Find out what the 3 fantastic beginner succulents are when you continue reading, Everything You Need to Know About Succulents from our friends at FIX.com here.

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