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Weekly Craft: How to Make Patriotic Pinwheel Wreaths

It’s here. It seems as though we just celebrated the Summer Solstice and now it’s time to show up for the big day in July — Independence Day. Some of us don’t have the capability to hang flags to show our patriotism. This is not a political statement. I am referring to pole and flag holder capabilities. In my case, I live about a quarter mile from a gate in the country. I don’t want to put a flag on a tree near the gate, nor put a flag pole up down by the gate. I decided to make my own version of “Patriotic Pinwheel Wreaths,” to express my sheer delight in being American on the Fourth of July.

These wreaths must be weatherproof. That’s why I purchased plastic red, white and blue plastic pinwheels, along with wire wreaths and waterproof ribbon. 

Patriotic pinwheel materials
Materials from Amazon.

Patriotic Pinwheel Wreaths List

Gather the following materials:


Patriotic Pinwheel Wreaths Instructions

First, lay your materials out on a good-sized work space. I use a table in my laundry room area.

Then, wrap the wreaths in the ribbon. You’ll need to tape the first wrap to anchor the ribbon to the wire wreath. When you’re finished wrapping, tape the end in the back of the wreath.

Patriotic pinwheel wreath Fourth of July in progress
See how I overplayed the ribbon around the wreath?

Then, cut 12 pieces of 24-gauge wire (the type you use for crafts) about 3- or 4-inches each. Wrap the wire around the plastic piece behind the pinwheel. (You’re not using the pinwheel sticks/straws at all. I wouldn’t use them for smoothies, either.)

Poke each wire gently through the ribbon and make sure that you choose to put the 2 wires on opposite sides of the wire in the wreath. Next, twist the wires in the back, and trim, if needed.

ribbon wrap on wire
Poke the wire through the ribbon and the wreath.

Continue doing this until your wreath is finished. It took me about 90 minutes to do 2 wreaths. You may be a faster twister than I am, so maybe it won’t take you as long. Just go with the flow and make sure you listen to your favorite podcast or music while doing this task. 

Wire wrap on back
This is the back of the pinwheel.

You could do this with older children and work on a wreath or 2 together, too. I also made bows out of the leftover ribbon and wired them to the tops of the wreaths.

patriotic pinwheel wreath made
You can see why I wrapped the wreath with ribbon first in this example. Otherwise, the wires would show through.

Patriotic Pinwheel Wreaths Final Product

I attached the wreaths to the gates with the same wire that I used for attaching the pinwheels. If you live in hurricane country, you might want to use stronger wire or old coat hanger wire. You’ve got those wire cutters, so take them along with you to the site where you plan on hanging the wreath(s).

Patriotic Pinwheel wreath for Fourth of July

I wish the pinwheels would turn on the wreath, but if you figure out how to add depth to the build, they might. Send us a pic if you do. And Happy Fourth of July from TeamWON!

gates with pinwheel wreaths for Fourth of July
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