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WON Weekly Craft: Painted Succulent Rocks Project

Whenever my grandchildren visit, we love to search the creeks for rocks. After being so inspired by Wander Woman – Kansas‘ founder, Jessica White, and her painted rocks, I searched for a painted rock project that the grandkids and I could do together. I found, thanks to trusty Pinterest, painted succulent rocks.

creek searching for rocks
We spent a few hours wading in the creeks of the Ozarks, searching for interesting rocks.

After finding and hauling the rocks back from the creeks, we got busy with the project.

List for Painted Succulent Rocks

materials for painted succulent rocks
Here are some of the materials we used for the painting project. We also used dark green spray paint, which was a true treat for the kids!

To make painted succulent rocks, you will need the following items:

  • Pots (we used old clay pots)
  • Rocks
  • Acrylic paints (think succulent colors)
  • Spray paint if you are so brave, and the kids are outdoors (and old enough)
  • Acrylic painter pens — I found these on Amazon and they are so fun to use. It’s easy to make polka dots with these pens, too! ($21.99)
  • Acrylic sealer in a matte finish
  • Foam paint brushes
  • Newspaper
rocks for succulents
Before pic of the pot and rocks.

Creating Painted Succulent Rocks

The kids chose a clay pot each, and then, rearranged the rocks that they wanted to use — thinking about contrasting shapes and heights. We cleaned and dried the rocks. Next, we sprayed the rocks with the sealer before painting.

They painted their rocks green, dark or light. When we broke out the spray paint, things got a little more supervised. Then, they added dots, crosses, lines and other shapes to their rocks with the paint pens.

painting succulent rocks
You can see my granddaughter using the paint pen to make dots on a rock.

Painting Skulls and Other Things

After the kids painted all their rocks, they turned to my collection of bones that I’ve found here in the Ozarks throughout the years. My granddaughter asked to paint a huge skull, and my grandson found a skull (without antlers) that he wanted to paint.

child with deer skull painted
She said it reminds her of Texas.

Then, my granddaughter painted a few “message rocks” and hid them in our garden area for me to find later.

be kind rock
I found this little message rock, hiding in the bone collection in the garden area. I put it in the laundry room so I am reminded of her, and to … be kind.

After the kids finished their painting and the paint dried, they sprayed fronts and backs of the rocks with sealer. They also sprayed their decorated skulls and probably most of the garden area. Because they seemed to enjoy painting, they also painted their pots.

Painted succulent rocks pot
Note the fancy skulls that the kids painted, lying on the bench behind my grandson.

The kids took their projects home and according to a trusty source, the projects have been seen on the back deck, displayed proudly.

Painted succulent rocks by girl
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