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GWG Clothing: How To Clean A European Mount

There is nothing that compares to that time spent in the outdoors. So, what’s a better way to remember a hunt and honor the wildlife you have harvested than proudly displaying that animal in your home. A European skull mount (euro mount) is such a cool way to do that! If you have never cleaned your own skull and always wanted to or if you do it all the time, I hope this helps you out and gives you some extra tips. **Disclaimer: I am not a professional taxidermist; I just really enjoy cleaning wildlife skulls. This is the method I use/what works for me, and hopefully, it’ll help you too. This method also works the same for cap mounts and any other wildlife skull you want to clean.

European Mount GWG

European Mount

What You’ll Need:

Burner: I use a portable one that you can use for boiling turkeys

Propane Tank

Cooking Pot: Get a pot that is deep enough to fit a deer skull

Dish Soap: Dawn soap works best to cut the oil/grease. Fun fact: Sunlight soap works great for getting blood off of hides

Long tongs: To get the lower jaw or smaller skulls out of the boiling pot

Nitrile gloves: I use these throughout the whole process


Tweezers: A larger and smaller set of utility or surgical tweezers

Wire: A good-sized piece of coat hanger works well

Stiff Bristle Brush: Not a wire or metal brush, as that could scratch the skull

Garbage Bag(s)

Vaseline or Plastic Wrap with Tape or Tinfoil

Paper Towel

Container or Small Tub: One that is deep enough to lay the skull in to submerge it in liquid hydrogen peroxide, if that’s the whitening process you choose. The container can also serve as a place for you to rest the skulls you have wrapped in the hydrogen peroxide cream.

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