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Walther PPK/s 22 is a Must-Have for Collectors and Enthusiasts

Sean Connery recently passed on to a crime-free space, we hope. He is my favorite Bond, James Bond, of all time and in all movies. Walther manufactured the gun that is connected to Bond and his forays into righting the wrongs of the world. Bond carried a Walther PPK as his side arm. I can’t help but think of the PPK when I practice shooting with its little cousin, the Walther PPK/s. 

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A Brief Backstory

Like its bigger cousin, the PPK/s 22 shares the same lineage – especially with its name. PPK stands for Polizeipistol Kurz, or “short police pistol.” Walther designed it for detectives and plainclothes policemen, according to The James Bond Dossier. The gun entered the law enforcement scene in 1931, and then, the Luftwaffe found it and ordered it for their officers to wear as sidearms. It is reported that Adolph Hitler used a PPK to kill himself in 1945.

Babbs James Bond

In 1956, a man name Geoffrey Boothroyd wrote to the author of the James Bond series of books, Ian Fleming, and complained about the choice of sidearm for the hero. He said the Beretta .25 was simply a “lady’s gun.”

Note: Boothroyd later became immortalized by Fleming in future books as Q, the armorer, who designed and equipped Bond for upcoming missions.

Throughout the series, and 23 Bond films, various James Bonds have carried these Walther models: PPK, P5 Compact, P99 and the PPK/S.

Why I Like the PPK/s 22

I own a PPK/s 22. It’s on scale of 1:1 with its cousin, the PPK/s in .380, so you can practice with cheaper ammo and still get the feel of a concealed carry gun. 

It has been designed with that look that I have come to appreciate from the Bond films – with its sleek, tailored muzzle end and classic, sturdy grip. 

walther PPK/s 22 on range

Here are some of its specs:

Barrel: 3.3 inches

Capacity: 10 rounds

Overall length: 6.1 inches

Height: 4.9 inches

Width: .98 inches

Weight empty: 10 ounces

Safety: Manual and +1 auto

Trigger: Single action/ double action

Grips: Black checkered

Walther describes it as elegant, and I would have to agree.

In this day and age, perhaps we might consider doing more collecting of these iconic guns when we can find them. I’m now looking for other PPK models for my collection. 

Walther PPK/s 22

Shooting the PPK/s

I have been shooting this gun for a few years now, and I like taking it out to do target drills and personal defense drills. So far, it hasn’t met a piece of ammo it doesn’t like – no malfunctions and we’ve put a bunch of ammo downrange through its barrel.

It’s also the perfect little gun, in stainless steel for sweaty summertime, to have as a varmint gun while out on the property.

Learn more about the PPK/s 22 here.

MSRP: $249.99

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