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DIY Falling Leaf Pumpkins

Are you searching for a quick and easy way to decorate pumpkins this fall? Look no further than our Falling Leaf Pumpkins. Inspired by the latest issue of “Southern Living” and its article on No-Carve Pumpkin Decorating Ideas, I rustled up some leftover craft leaves and Mod Podge and created these festive squash.

Southern Living inspiration
“Southern Living” inspiration

This craft is appropriate for all ages, because no knives are required. Take advantage of the white pumpkins from your local farmer’s market or grocery store, and the blank canvas they provide, and get creative with dried or faux leaves.

Falling Leaf Pumpkin Final 1

Falling Leaf Pumpkin Materials

To make these colorful pumpkins, you will need the following items:

  • white pumpkins
  • Mod Podge glue
  • small plastic container – will hold glue
  • faux or dried leaves
  • old paint brush (warning: your glue may not wash out easily afterward)
  • newspaper or vinyl table cloth – to protect your worksurface
Falling Leaf Pumpkin Materials

How to Make Falling Leaf Pumpkins

First, be sure to clean your pumpkins. No, that is not a euphemism. Simply wipe the outsides with a damp paper towel, and let dry. Spread out your newspaper or vinyl tablecloth to protect your worksurface from the glue.

Pour a little Mod Podge into a plastic container; I used a tub that originally housed deli meat.

Applying the Mod Podge to the pumpkins
Applying the Mod Podge

Use a paint brush to apply a healthy layer of Mod Podge in the area where you’d like to stick a leaf. Continue adding leaves. Gently wipe Mod Podge on top of the leaves, as well.

Falling Leaf Pumpkins Mod Podge
Sealing in the leaves on pumpkins
Sealing in the leaves with Mod Podge
Adding more leaves to pumpkins
Close up of Mod Podge leaves
Adding more leaves

When you are satisfied with your decoration-to-negative (white) space ratio, move on to the next pumpkin. For my second pumpkin, I used only red leaves for the decoration.

Adding leaves to second pumpkin
Adding leaves to the second pumpkin
And covering them with glue
… and covering them with glue

For my third and final pumpkin, I decided to attempt a leaf pile look. To achieve this, I added one layer of leaves around the top of the pumpkin. Then, I topped that layer with a second leaf layer.

Adding leaves to third pumpkin
Applying the first row of leaves to my third pumpkin
First layer of leaves done third pumpkin
Completed first layer of leaves
Adding a second layer of leaves third pumpkin
Adding the second layer of leaves to the “leaf pile”

Your pumpkins will look messy until the glue dries; this appearance is totally normal. When all leaves have been added to your pumpkins, set them aside to dry for a bit (mine took about an hour or so).

Pumpkins Drying
Pumpkins drying

When dry, arrange pumpkins to display. My zinnias are still blooming, so I incorporated a small jug of them with my pumpkins for a little extra color.

Zinnia at the woodshed
Zinnias at the woodshed
Falling Leaf Pumpkins Final 2
DIY Falling Leaf Pumpkin closeup
DIY Falling Leaf Pumpkin closeup
Falling Leaf Pumpkins Final 3

A Little More Fall

Decorating these pumpkins made me long to eat something pumpkin flavored. If you’re feeling like me, I recommend that you make this swell recipe for an Easy Pumpkin Pie Alternative dessert. It’s not just for Thanksgiving!

Layered Dessert Final 1
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