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Team Taurus Captain Jessie Harrison Talks Carrying Concealed

Jessie Harrison is well-known as the captain of Team Taurus, but she is also simply a woman who carries concealed on a regular basis. As we continue our conversations with women who carry, we wanted to know what Jessie carries and how she makes her choice of method.

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What firearm do you carry?

I carry the Taurus GX4, 856 and G3c TORO. I carry the different pistols based on my situation and wardrobe, but all three are low profile, easily concealable and give me a sense of security and confidence.

Jessie Harrison Concealed Carry
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How do you carry? On your body or off?

I typically carry inside-the-waist-band appendix position or using a belly band around my torso and also in my purse or bag.

How do you decide how to carry?

What I’m wearing and where I’m going decides how I’ll carry. If I’m wearing looser clothing or not bringing a handbag, then I’ll carry on my body. If clothing doesn’t allow concealment, then I’ll bring a purse to carry in.

Jessie Harrision Holding Taurus X4

Does it change depending on certain circumstances such as weather or dress?

Absolutely, warmer weather usually means less layers of clothing and that makes a big difference in how I can conceal a firearm.

What do you consider the pros and cons of how you carry?

The pros of conceal carrying is that you have it within reach at all times. It offers a sense of security that nothing else can provide. Placing your firearm in the appendix position seems to provide the most comfortable and least visible option for me, but sometimes doesn’t always work with what I want to wear. 

Jessie Harrison Practicing Concealed Carry Draw
(Green Light Visuals photo)

What are the best tips you can give to others for carrying on- or off-body?

Whichever method you decide to go with, you have to be comfortable with it. What works for me doesn’t work for everyone. But, I recommend trying all options and practice wearing a firearm around the house to see what feels best. Then whatever you decide on, make sure you practice drawing from that position!

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Holsters I recommend: Crossbreed Reckoning holster and Crossbreed Modular Belly Band.

Find out more out about Jessie Harrison at https://jessieharrison.net, on Instagram at @jessielharrison or on Facebook at jessielharrison.

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