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On the Range with the XD-M Elite 10mm

Recently I brought Springfield Armory’s XD-M Elite 10mm with a HEX Dragonfly red dot to the range to put some rounds through it. I also wanted to get it into my friend Candy’s hands to get her first impressions.

Springfield Armory Hellcat, the worlds hiest capacity micro compact pistol.

Sponsored by Springfield Armory

First though, I have to share some information on the XD-M Elite 4.5-inch OSP 10mm handgun. 

Springfield XD M 10mm

A Look at the XD-M Elite 10mm


  • This is an Optical Sight Pistol (OSP) with a removable cover plate. The optics-cut slide allows the user to add a red dot of choice, or another option is the version that arrives packaged (like the one I shot) with a HEX Dragonfly red dot.
  • Ambidextrous controls
  • 16+1 capacity magazines
  • An extended and flared “short” magwell which allows for faster reloads. This piece is easily removed with a hammer/mallet and a 3/32-inch punch. (The instructions are found in the manual.)
HEX Dragonfly

In the Box:

  • A soft pistol case (similar to what arrives with all Springfield Armory pistols.)
  • Two 16+1 magazines
  • Two flat magazine base plates (Instructions for swapping these out are available in the manual)
  • Two different sized backstraps, for a total of three. (Instructions for swapping these out are in the manual.)
  • A slide cover plate for those who want to remove the optic.
  • Two user manuals, one for the firearm and another for the red dot. 
  • Gun lock
Springfield XD M 10mm

On the Range with the XD-M Elite 10mm

Without mentioning to Candy what I was shooting, I headed onto the range and discreetly loaded my magazines with Remington UMC 10mm rounds. Upon first picking up Springfield Armory’s XD-M Elite 10mm, I noticed how heavy it was, especially with the magazine loaded to capacity and a red dot. It felt very solid and sturdy in my hands. (Note, my hands are not small.)

Cerino xd m 10mm

I’ll admit, upon first shooting it, I didn’t have the best grip, so the muzzle rise was more than I expected. However, after I tightened my support hand, I found it much easier to control the recoil. I went through several magazines before I turned around and saw Candy watching me from the window with a quizzical look on her face. I signaled for her to come inside and shoot. 

Cerino XD-M Elite 10mm Springfield

The first thing Candy said was, “What the heck are you shooting now?” She noticed I was taking my time between shots, getting a feel for the gun. She also giggled about the flame that appeared at the muzzle with each shot, which I didn’t even notice while I was shooting. (That kind of added to the “cool” factor.) When I explained it was Springfield Armory’s XD-M Elite 10mm, she got a smile on her face and rubbed her hands together. “May I shoot it?” she asked.

Candy shooting XD-M Elite 10mm

When she first picked up the XD-M Elite 10mm, she mentioned how big it felt in her hands. (Candy’s hands are much smaller than mine.) After a few dry fire presses and finding the red dot, she loaded a magazine into the pistol. As with me, the first shot caught her a little off guard. She quickly adjusted her grip and began some slow-aimed fire. The reason for the slow fire was because she, too, wanted to get a feel for the trigger press and how well she could manage recoil. She was impressed with the way the heft and beefiness of the gun helped control the muzzle flip. After shooting through a few magazines, she set the gun down and said, “That is a powerful gun, but I am able to control it.” 

Springfield XD-M Elite 10mm

Final Thoughts:

For a person who is able to control the recoil, Springfield Armory’s XD-M Elite 10mm is a great choice for home protection and hunting. As for concealability, especially with the red dot, this version with its 4.25-inch barrel is definitely for a larger framed person. When I returned home, I switched out the backstrap for a thinner one. Although I wasn’t having issues on the range, I do feel this backstrap allows me to get a better from to rear pressure with my strong hand, thus offering a tighter grip. 

Springfield XD-M with Dragonfly

Read more about Springfield Armory’s line of XD-M Elite handguns here.  

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