The Perfect Sidearm for Hunting Season: Taurus Raging Hunter 

Size can be intimidating and can be helpful. That’s the first thing that comes to my mind when looking at a Taurus Raging Hunter 357 MAG. This year I plan to take the Raging Hunter out West as my sidearm for protection. Being prepared is my goal. I want to train for the worst and hope for the best. I hunt in bear country and I plan to be prepared with bear spray and my Taurus Raging Hunter. 

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To meet my goal, I must practice or having a great firearm will be useless to me. My strategy is to holster, draw and fire a minimum of 25 rounds as many weekends as possible from now until the fall hunting season. Practicing with a holster is very important for becoming proficient and safe with any firearm. However, I will practice with 38 Special ammo, since the recoil will be less in commercial loads.

amy ray taurus raging hunter

The Raging Hunter must be quickly accessible, and I also like to have my hands free, and my hips clear for hiking in elk country. For me, the best choice is a chest holster. I will be going afield with an amazing CROSSBREED holster designed specifically for my Raging Hunter revolver. The holster has adjustable elastic bands for behind the shoulders and under the arms. My revolver rests comfortably across my chest in a position I can easily draw from. I adjusted the screws on the holster to create the safest and easiest release when I draw. A quick turn with a Phillips head screw driver and I found the perfect amount of grip for the gun inside the holster. The main issue is not having to hold the left side and pull with my right hand to release the pistol. I want to be able to draw with one hand quickly. More importantly, I want the holster to hold the pistol firmly enough to never drop out during my hunting activity. To test this after adjustment, I turned the holster upside down and shook it hard enough to try and expel the pistol (without any ammo, of course) without pulling on the handle. I am confident that my adjustments create the safest hold for using it in the field. 

Amy Ray shooting

Why did I choose a Raging Hunter as my side arm? I want a reliable and safe firearm to carry while hunting. I also love the fact that I can hunt with this pistol if I decide to do so. Having a double action gives me seven shots with one pull of the hammer. Revolvers are great for being easy to load and unload. This model comes with a dual-lock cylinder. It has a two-button release to open the cylinder and a handy plunger to eject spend rounds. During my practice sessions I will draw, grip, pull the hammer and shoot all seven rounds. 

The rear sight is adjustable. I have the black-on-black model and I may place a small dab of bright orange paint on the front sight. This will help me to see the front sight in lower light situations. A great feature of the Taurus Raging Hunter is the Picatinny rail for mounting a scope – something I may do later for hunting.  

Taurus raging hunter with ammo

For my training, I am using Fiocchi 38 special 158 grain FMJ round. I am working on recoil management and accuracy up to 30-yards. The recoil is very manageable with this round and the ported barrel reduces muzzle lift between rounds. Of course, I also will shoot the real deal – the 357 MAG that I plan to load for hunting season.

drawing from crossbreed

My goal leading up to this coming hunting season will be to train and shoot as often as I can. I am confident in my ability to shoot and connect to a target. I want to train for the worst-case scenario and hope I never have to use it. I will be training up to 50 yards, hitting center of mass. Having a Raging Hunter revolver ready for duty will add to my own personal preparedness. 

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  • About Amy Ray

    Amy Ray is the owner of The Sisterhood Of The Outdoors, an organization that creates opportunities for women to hunt, shoot and fish. Amy is a pro-staff shooting instructor with Shoot Like A Girl. Amy is certified as an NRA pistol instructor and Refuse to Be A Victim instructor. As a member of the Freedom Hunters advisory board, she helps to expand hunting opportunities for servicewomen, Gold Star wives and daughters of fallen heroes. She also is an avid hunter and shooter and loves mentoring others in the outdoors.