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Review: Duluth’s Women’s Dryfecta Rain Coat

Last June, my husband and I took a cruise to the Inner Passage of Alaska. We had been cautioned by the cruise company that the weather could be wet, and in fact, to expect more rainy days than not. Fortunately, the weather did not cooperate with the advance forecast and we saw more sun than rain. But, on the days we had rain, I appreciated my recent purchase of a Duluth Dryfecta rain coat.

Duluth Dryfecta jacket pics

I did some research, comparing lightweight rain coats among various reputable companies. I knew I wanted something breathable, and this one combines an anti-snag fabric with a waterproof/breathable membrane. It includes a soft tricot lining, and weighs 4.4 ounces.

Duluth Dryfecta in Alaska

I knew I would be out hiking in Alaska, and so the snag-proof exterior of the jacket came in handy. The briars and berries had almost reached full potential, and would have ripped up a windbreaker in no time. Between the exterior’s fabric and the interior tricot lies that membrane that keeps out rain and mist. 

Duluth Dryfecta

About the Hood

Hoods are the make or break factors for me with jackets. This one wins for two major reasons:

1. It comes with a moldable wire brim that generously provides a mini-awning for your face.

2. It has a toggle adjustment, so you can tighten it up in windy weather – which I did.

Babbs and the Bomb

Other Good Stuff

I also appreciated the 2-1/2-inch duck tail in the back. That means, you can take a break and sit on a wet log when necessary. I also appreciated that I could easily layer under the jacket, and I brought along a variety of Merino wool short-sleeved and long-sleeved shirts for this purpose. I didn’t have to do much laundry, as a result, and also, I kept warm, yet not sweaty, when necessary. It played well with Merino.

Babbs and totem pole Alaska

The Dryfecta rain coat comes in aubergine, black and “deep lake blue.” I love the aubergine color. Sizes range from XSM to XXL in women’s. Price is $179.50, and worth every penny.

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