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Review: Air Venturi Avenge-X from Pyramyd AIR

The Air Venturi Avenge-X from Pyramyd AIR is a pneumatic air rifle that is not simply “just another air rifle.” It’s available in many configurations; in fact, Air Venturi’s motto is “Your airgun, your way.” I reviewed the .177 caliber Avenge-X Classic Synthetic version

Sponsored by Pyramyd AIR

The Avenge-X Classic is available in .177, .22, as well as .25 caliber. Perhaps you purchased the .25 caliber and have decided a smaller caliber would suit some of your needs better. There’s no need to buy a whole new Avenge-X, Pyramyd AIR offers barrel kits (with an MSRP of. $69.99 in all three calibers) that work for each version of the air rifle. 

Avenge-X Classic Synthetic Pyramyd AIR

Do you prefer a wood stock over synthetic? No worries, the Avenge-X Classic also comes in a hardwood ambidextrous stock. There are some pros and cons to either choice. 

Classic Synthetic and Classic Wood Pyramyd AIR

           Avenge-X Classic Synthetic Stock                              Avenge-X Classic Hard Wood Stock

Black Synthetic StockHard Wood Stock
Adjustable Cheek PieceFixed Cheek Piece
Metal Trigger GuardWooden Trigger Guard
Total Weight 7.75lbs Total Weight 7.9lbs
Total length 43.75”Total Length 44”
MSRP $499.99MSRP $569.99
Barrel Kts Available .177, .22 and .25 calibers Avenge-X

Though there are a few things the Classic versions differ in, they both offer the same great feel. The rubber butt pad is adjustable, and the stocks are ergonomically formed to fit to a human’s natural contours for a comfortable shooting experience. It’s ambidextrous by changing the cocking handle to the side that suits a shooter best. Below the cocking handle lies a two-stage adjustable trigger. You may also adjust the regulator, hammer spring and transfer port – for a more perfect fit. This allows a shooter to set it up for a preferred shooting style, high power minimal shot count for hunting or low power and maximum shot count for backyard plinking. 

Hawke Sidewinder 30 4-16X50 Airgun Scope Avenge-X

With the fully shrouded barrel and the 1/2X20 UNF threaded muzzle, there’s an option to dampen the sound for specific needs by attaching an airgun moderator to the muzzle. (Now, you’re set for some quiet backyard plinking or pesting.) Speaking of shooting, you may be wondering how to operate the Avenge-X: 

  1. Put on your shooting/safety glasses.
  2. Be sure the manual push forward safety is engaged before doing anything.
  3. Choose your optic, (I used the Hawke Sidewinder 30 4-16X50), and mount your optic.
  4. Remove the dust cover located at the end of the 210cc air tube.
  5. Attach a high pressure air source to the quick disconnect port and fill to the max fill pressure of 4,351 PSI or 300 bar. Next, bleed the valve and disconnect the fill source. Don’t forget to replace the dust cover. 
  6. As a single shot, pull the side-cocking handle to the rear position and insert the single shot tray.
  7. Insert the pellet headfirst onto the single shot tray.
  8. Push the cocking handle to the forward position.
  9. Take aim at your desired target, disengage the safety and squeeze the trigger.
  10. As a multi-shot repeater, you’ll need to fill one or both magazines (Included are a 20-shot, high-capacity magazine, and a 10-shot magazine). Rotate the clear cover clockwise until it stops, insert the pellet headfirst, rotate counterclockwise to expose the next slot, inserting the pellets headfirst until full. 
  11. Pull the cocking lever to the rear position, insert the magazine into the breach, push the cocking lever to the forward position.
  12. Take aim at your intended target, disengage the safety and squeeze the trigger. 

Now that you know how to operate the Avenge-X, let’s scoot over to subject of performance. What should you expect from the Avenge-X? I can only speak of the .177 caliber, but I will say, this is only the beginning. Here are the specs with the air cylinder/tube option. 

             Avenge-X                         .177 Caliber                         .22 Caliber                       .25 Caliber

Shots per fill1108055
Max Velocity1160 FPS 1100 FPS980 FPS
Max Energy29 FPE49 FPE60 FPE
High-Capacity Mag20 rds.16 rds.13 rds.
Standard Mag10 rds.10 rds.8 rds.
Loading the ten shot mag Pyramyd AIR

On the Range with the Avenge-X

My personal experience with the Avenge-X Classic in .177 is very much like that of what the manufacturer describes. I began with some shots at 25 yards with what seem to be the favorite ammunition, the JSB Diabolo Knock Out Slugs weighing 13.43 grains. The accuracy was spot on, I would normally stop at two five shot groups but, I had such a great time shooting this one that I shot an entire sheet of five-shot groups before moving it back to 50 yards. 

Twenty five Yard Results

My 50-yard results are nothing to turn your nose up at either. 

Fifty Yard Results

After spending time at the range this model, I would take this air rifle into any situation – whether it is plinking, target shooting or small game hunting. When I started smacking targets from three-inch down to half-inch at 50 yards consistently without a miss, something great happened. I felt more confident with this air rifle. 

Taking Aim Avenge-X

The .177 Classic synthetic style is only the beginning, though, because the purpose for the Avenge-X is to avoid trying to fit the shooter to the gun. Air Venturi has engineered this air rifle to fit to the airgun to the shooter. 

Confidence is built as well as a reputation

Final Thoughts

I have a final offering or a scenario; perhaps, in the near future I want the tactical version with a bottle rather than the air cylinder, and yes, a bigger caliber as well. Fortunately, all the parts will be available to do accomplish that task. So, one gun can transform into eight configurations, making the Avenge-X an airgun for everyone.

Your Airgun Your Way Pyramyd AIR

Air Venturi Avenge-X Classic, with synthetic stock, MSRP: $499.99

Air Venturi Avenge-X Tactical, MSRP $529.99

 Air Venturi Avenge-X Bullpup, wood stock, MSRP: $599.99. 

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